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Men reusable incontinence pants underwear pads for men

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1. What are men protective underwear?


men protective underwear are disposable paper urinary incontinence devices, one of adult care products, and a category of adult diapers. The key is to apply disposable diapers for adults with fecal incontinence. The general structure is that the adult diaper is divided into 3 layers on both sides from the inner side, the inner layer is close to the skin, the inner layer composed of non-proof cloth is hygroscopic fluff pulp, and the two sides with water-absorbing agent are non-absorbent plastic films .


Adult diapers can be divided into two categories: loop-waist press-fit type and panty-type pull-up pants. There are also two types of stickers: continuous pressing (can be used in combination with diapers); one-time pressing and throwing away. Underpants-type pull-up pants are men protective underwear. Shuershi diapers generally recommend press-fit adult diapers that cannot take care of themselves. Those who can support themselves by clothing, food, housing and transportation are strongly recommended for men protective underwear. These 2 can be used with diapers.



2. How to choose men protective underwear


When choosing men protective underwear, you should first compare the outer and inner surface layers of the diaper, and choose suitable pull-up pants, which has the effect of a paper diaper. Secondly, we must take into account the diversity of the individual's different levels of sensitive skin. It should be considered from the following


(1) Be sure to use a person's body shape appropriately.


(2) The stop-leak design can avoid urine leakage. Adults have a lot of urine. Choose the diaper of the stop-leak design, that is, the frills on the thigh roots and the abdomen stop-leak frills. If you urinate too much, you can reasonably avoid water leakage. Shuershi men protective underwear use breathable stretchable hip circumference and its three-dimensional sidewall and stretchable leg circumference two-way leak-proof maintenance design. No side leakage, comfortable and more comfortable.


(3) The effect of viscose is better. When applied, the adhesive can be close to the pull-up trousers, and it can be repeatedly pasted after the pull-up trousers are released. Even if the patient changes the posture of the disabled wheelchair on the left and right sides, it is not easy to loosen or fall off.



(4) The diapers should be soft and not cause skin irritation. Shuershi uses imported fluff pulp to create a comfortable surface and improve the comfort of the skin surface.


(5) The diapers must have strong water-absorbing power to generate electricity. Comfortable and comfortable men protective underwear, using two layers of digestion and absorption cores, high efficiency digestion and absorption, plus a platform-type open drainage layer, several instant suctions, so that the skin is long-lasting and refreshing; wonderful urine display, easy and relaxed Medical care; re-post at will, easy to take off.


(6) Choose diapers with high air permeability. If the moisture and heat flow in the body cannot be displayed moderately, it is very easy to cause heat rash and red ass. Anerkang's efficient and comfortable diapers use a three-dimensional open drainage layer, a cotton soft base cloth and a non-proof cloth base film that empathize with the skin, which is strong and comfortable, and breathable overnight, which reasonably reduces the occurrence of pressure sores.


Today, I hope that based on the content above, everyone can have a deeper grasp of the selection method of adult pull-ups, and be able to pick more affectionate products.


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Men reusable incontinence pants underwear pads for men
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Men reusable incontinence pants underwear pads for men·OEM

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