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The choice of adult diapers
Adult diaper OEM OEM processing-choice is greater than effort. Everyone has a different attitude, the same thing will produce different results, so don't judge your own way based on the results of others-choice is greater than effort! With the continuous acceleration of the global aging process, the demand for the adult diaper market is also increasing. More and more brands choose OEM processing. As the largest manufacturer of OEM processing in the world, my country has a large number of production and processing enterprises. How to choose a high-quality and cost-effective adult hygiene product manufacturer is a problem faced by many brands. In the era when products are king, a high-quality product can quickly occupy the market and gain the favor of consumers. But with the decline of many brands, the problem lies in product quality. Therefore, choosing a high-quality OEM factory is particularly important for the future development of the product.

Introduction of adult diaper factory
ASTER is a large-scale modern adult hygiene product manufacturer in Fujian Province with world-leading scientific research technology and national-level certified safety production standards. The factory is located in Quanzhou City, my country. It has an independent office building and a garden-style production base. It has a dust-free production workshop with a 100,000-level air purification standard built in accordance with GMP standards. It covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters and has a total investment of 300 million yuan. . Passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, the US FDA sanitary registration, the production record of type 1 machinery, and has a multi-functional physical and chemical laboratory, a 100,000-level dust-free purification microbiological laboratory, and a 100,000-level dust-free purification constant temperature and humidity precision experiment Room and R&D center, static 100,000-level dust-free purification production workshop. Many of the company's products have been appraised as "Shandong High-tech Products".

Our advantages in producing adult diapers
1. Hygiene products for 10 years
OEM experience insists on creating an international national brand of Chinese hygiene products for the company (1) insisting on the concept of "high quality, high service, high image" (2) one-stop service from raw materials, design, research and development, production, and transportation. Make every step of the process (3) 20,000 square meters of large-scale GMP and ISO certified standard workshops 2. Superior product quality, super R&D capabilities, and 10 R&D engineers to ensure R&D capabilities

(1) Research and develop internationally advanced product formulas and introduce world-class production equipment. (2) Use high-quality raw materials at home and abroad. (3) Maintain in-depth cooperation with hygiene products processing and research institutions in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries. 3. Focus on sanitary products OEM processing and production more than 10 full-servo sanitary product production lines (1) Adopt 100,000-level purification standard GMPC dust-free constant temperature workshop, more than 10 full-servo sanitary product production lines 4. Raw materials import ratio 90% of sanitary products OEM raw materials Keep close cooperation with international raw material suppliers (1) Hundreds of well-known international raw material partners to ensure the reliability of raw material supply 5. Integrated management, strict quality control, strict production process, and accurate delivery (1) It must go through many inspection links such as packaging material inspection, raw material testing, etc. (2) High-tech scientific production technology and strict quality control can create excellent highly differentiated sanitary products 6. Large inventory, fast delivery, and wide logistics area of 60,000 square meters Own warehouses to meet the requirements of warehousing of sanitary products OEM customers. (1) Provide free logistics delivery site information, seamlessly dock logistics, and ensure timely and safe delivery of goods. (2) High-quality warehousing staff ensure that the goods are safe and undamaged and quickly delivered to the designated logistics delivery station. (3) One-stop solution for warehousing, freight and logistics! !

ASTER·Diaper Manufacturer

With Quality and Service,We Provide Integrated Solutions for Adult Diapers.

ASTER Advantage

The factory has a professional laboratory,each product undergoes strict testing before leaving the factory to keep the product safe,hygienic,and comfortable.The company adheres to the principle of superior quality and cooperates closely with internationally renowned raw material suppliers,only in this way can we provide better quality products for customers.

Company Target

Our main products are sanitary napkins, pads,disposable period diaper,adult diapers and baby diapers."Based on innovation,focus on quality,sincere service,sincere cooperation,and joint development"is the company's consistent pursuit,providing customers and consumers with high-quality,safe and healthy products is our eternal policy.


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This machine is currently one of the most advanced models in China that specializes in the production of adult training pants and period panties.Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the workshop production machine has perfectly completed a number of production tasks including 350P/min production and dual-product replacement production.


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