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How to wear protective underwear for sports?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-09


    With the acceleration of the rhythm of food, clothing, shelter, and work, children or family members take care of bedridden elderly, urinary incontinence, pregnant women, etc. flawlessly and very well. In addition, people who travel far away and sit for long periods of time in casual themed activities can use protective underwear for sports.


    Protective underwear for sports are often hot, so they cater to the human body like underwear, take off easily, and are full of elasticity. There is no need to worry about urine leakage, which is good for cleaning up. In fact, to identify what kind of pull-up pants are right, you can't just consider the specifications, but also consider the materials, comfort, and leak-proof level. Naturally, materials and comfort are essential elements that customers must grasp. Below is Shu and suitable for the protective underwear for sports manufacturers to introduce the common problems of wearing and unloading protective underwear for sports.


    First open the protective underwear for sports gently with both hands, and put his upper and lower legs into the pull-up trousers one after another. Then gently lift up to tighten the trousers. It is best to make the back slightly higher than the abdominal cavity to prevent urine from showing behind. In the end, you have to swipe the leg opening along the base of your thigh to prevent side leakage, but this is the key factor in preventing side leakage, everyone should not forget. Many people feel that its fine to take off the trousers like underwear when they are taken off. Actually its not. You should remove both sides from the crotch to remove them, so that the urine on the trousers will not be easily contaminated by the body. Or clothes and pants.






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