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Frequently Asked Questions about Tena protective underwear

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-09


    It looks easy to wear adult diapers, but if you wear them out of standard and wrong, it will be very easy to cause urine leakage. At the wearing level, there are several points that users should pay attention to: Tena protective underwear manufacturers tell you!


    1. Prevent back leakage. It is necessary to lift the diapers on the back, and then pull the diapers in the legs up to below the belly button, so as to avoid leakage of urine if the diapers are worn incorrectly and it is not easy to pollute the belly button.


    Fold the edge of the diaper in the abdominal cavity slightly inward or outward to avoid a worn belly button. Then stick the elastic bands on both sides firmly. By doing so, it is more reasonable to prevent the urine from entering and exposing from behind. The tightness of the abdomen is also regulated by the ability to fit in a finger.


    2. Prevent side leakage. Comb the leak-proof sides of the wrinkles on both sides of the diaper to make the leak-proof sides firm, so that side leakage can be reasonably avoided. Furthermore, the diapers must be worn straight, and both sides must be aligned at both ends, so as to prevent the diapers from being crooked and reduce the probability of side leakage.


    The leak-proof side is also called the side-leakage guard, that is, the frills that stand up at the root of the thigh, which can reasonably prevent the feces from being exposed along the gap between the root of the thigh and the diaper. For example, Tena protective underwear refer to the 360° surround hip design scheme. In addition, the two-way leak-proof design scheme of leakage protection + high elastic leg circumference is improved. The V-shaped narrow gear design scheme: fits the human body The engineering design plan, the clothes are comfortable, and the actual effect of leak prevention is also improved.


    3. There is a problem with the code number


    If you wear diapers properly, you still leak urine. Then there will be a problem with your specification selection. The choice of diapers does not depend on age, but on Xiu. Users should choose according to their own weight. Models that are too large are prone to leaking urine. Models that are too small will cause back seepage due to excess urine retention that exceeds the capacity of the diaper. If the diaper is too tight, it will damage the skin.


    It is recommended to choose diapers with a number of sizes to choose from. For example, Tena protective underwear can be divided into efficient and comfortable, comfortable and comfortable. For each type of other diapers, you can purchase suitable specifications according to your hips and hips. In addition, in order to make the product more fit, the part where the magician buckle on the diaper fits with the waist can be adjusted to make the product fit and comfortable.


    4. Saturated diapers


    Urination is longer, or the wearing time is longer, causing the diaper to become saturated, and the speed will be worse at this time, and it is very easy to cause urine leakage. It is recommended to change the diaper immediately to reduce the dressing time. It is very important to pay attention not to let the private parts stay in the stained diapers for a long time, otherwise it is very likely to cause itching, inflammation, and even feelings.


    If urine leakage occurs, most of it is caused by the aforementioned reasons. Users should pay more attention to it afterwards. If urine leakage occurs frequently, then people must start from multiple levels to analyze the cause and prevent urine leakage. Often occurs.





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