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Sure care protective underwear were originally chosen like this!

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-09


    When it comes to diapers, one of your impressions is that they are used by children. But I don't know that diapers have already expanded into the adult industry nowadays, and many people still use them.


    Everyone needn't underestimate such an adult diaper, it allows us to deal with a lot of inconvenience. Not only patients with urinary incontinence, people can use it when there are many inconveniences. In addition, sure care protective underwear are fast-moving consumer goods, which are easy to change as they are used.


    Nowadays, there are many well-known medical and nursing brands on the market. They often have their own diaper products, which makes many consumers dizzy and difficult to choose. Today, people have chosen Shuershi sure care protective underwear to give everyone an evaluation, so you can see at a glance whether they are good or not.


    Test 1: Material


    First of all, as an adult's essential product, diapers, although diapers belong to fast-moving consumer goods, as personal appliances, the material must be safe. Therefore, people pay more attention to the material when they buy diapers.


    Diapers are made to touch people's private parts, so the safe material will make people feel more belonging.


    Evaluation 2: Moisture absorption and moisturizing ability


    Good diapers usually have high polymer moisture-absorbing materials. They can not only digest and absorb a lot of water, but also lock the water quickly and firmly. Together, we have a more comfortable experience.


    The air permeability of the diaper is detected by the method that water volatilizes into water vapor when heated, and the water vapor penetrates the diaper to the outside in a closed indoor space. The method is to add 40mL of freshly boiled water to the cup, buckle the side of the diaper close to the human body upside down on the rim of the transparent cup, and buckle the other measuring cup on the diaper.


    In this stage of air permeability, the main performance of diapers is very good. In a short period of time, the upper cup has fogged up, and some water droplets are faintly produced. This shows that the air permeability is still very good.

    sure care protective underwear


    Test 3: Flexibility of diapers


    Softness and comfort are all subjective experiences, so there are no norms that can be quantitatively analyzed. Nowadays, there are widely circulated methods of "rubbing raw eggs" and "rubbing soap" on the surface of diapers on the Internet, which are actually not based on their own.


    Even if it is a more subjective perception, people still choose the most immediate skin perception method to evaluate it.


    People can touch with their hands so that we can have an objective experience of objective facts, and can appreciate the softness of diapers very well.


    The left and right are all the content of the evaluation, you already know it in your mind. There are still many questions about small diapers. Comfortable pants are a very good choice.





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