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The protective underwear for bowel incontinence market is ushering in a turning point

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-09


    As the aging society of our country is accelerating, the sales market of protective underwear for bowel incontinence will undergo rapid changes in indoor space, market competition layout, sales channels, product shapes, and customer requirements.


    In fact, following the rapid development trend of the aging of the world's population, the adult diaper market is getting larger and larger, and the trend of declining birthrates has caused the baby diaper sales market to enter a downward safe channel;


    The following three core views:


    Core point 1: The indoor space of the adult diaper sales market is rapidly opening up. The compound growth rate in the past 6 years has far exceeded that of women's and baby products. In the next 3-5 years, the adult diaper market will be 2.9-6.5 times that of 2017. Listed companies are already inseparable. Reasonable layout;


    Core point two: E-commerce has been rapidly developed, and it has become a well-known brand with the largest total online sales, and customer requirements and spending power have increased significantly. Not only is it cheap, but it wants to pay for products with higher quality and moderate prices.


    Core point three: Unlike general understanding, the adult diaper industry is actually a high-tech industry. The essential driving force of Japan's diaper industry is the continuous use of new technology applications to produce product shapes and continuous improvement of customer experience. Analysis of the patent rights of key Chinese brands of diapers, Hangzhou Kaopu is the leader in its name.


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