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With sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad, you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-09


    Generally, women feel unwell and go to the hospital for examination. Doctors and patients seldom think that sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad are causing trouble. They usually only think about whether they are checking their own behavior and whether their personal hygiene treatment habits are correct. Because everyone believes that the quality of products that directly contact consumers' privacy, such as sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad, should be the best, at least from the perspective of the outer packaging. Just look at the TV commercials. The warmest picture and the best quality are the sanitary napkin advertisements. Especially for the sanitary napkin products produced by these internationally renowned companies, it seems that the brand is the guarantee of quality. It is hard to imagine that these sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad will have a great relationship with gynecological diseases.

    If sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad cannot inhibit bacteria, they are the most breeding ground for bacteria. The sanitary napkin absorbs the discharged foreign matter, in fact, it keeps bacteria on the body of the towel. The bacteria will breed faster in a humid, dark environment at room temperature.

    During menstruation, menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, and it is most likely to become a ‘medium’ for the growth of bacteria. Even if it is changed every two hours, a large number of bacteria will enter the body from the vaginal opening.


    Bacteria are most likely to multiply when they are dark and humid: the vaginal opening is close to the urethral opening and anus, and it is contaminated by urine and feces. The probability of breeding bacteria is extremely high. At this time, the bacteria can easily enter the uterus from the vagina.

    The human body's resistance is weak during menstruation: when the local resistance drops, some germs and pathogens will take advantage of the deficiency, and the monthly accumulation of bacteria will form the occurrence of gynecological diseases.


    Ministry of Health <Requirements for Writing Contents on Labels and Manuals of Disinfected Products> Article 18.1: Sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad (paper) and other products are prohibited from labeling disinfection, sterilization, sterilization, sterilization, medicine, health care, dehumidification, moisturizing, and antiseptic. Itching, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, spermicide, contraception, and antibacterial (antibacterial) effects without test basis, etc.

    Therefore, sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad marked with antibacterial packaging have never been seen in the market. Many negative ion direct selling sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad stated that the sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad have antibacterial (anti-bacterial) effects but never marked them on the packaging. Obviously, this is a deception. .


    Now such sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad are finally here:

    Let ASTER take care of your private parts, getting healthier

    1: It can inhibit bacteria, decompose odors, and inhibit itching. ASTER has a built-in H&C antibacterial chip, and the antibacterial rate is >99% (up to 90% has a strong antibacterial function), which is the first company on the market to have this function sanitary napkin;

    2: Use high-tech breathable membrane (not stuffy);

    3: Penghua absorbent paper core material is preferred, (always keep it flat);

    4: Super water absorption, (the surface is never wet);

    5: Super soft cotton surface (baby-like skin);

    6: No glue design on the private parts (make the private parts safer);

    ASTER: 100% no added: fluorescent agent, fragrance, pigment

    Let ASTER break it-sanitary napkins lady sanitary pad are the crown culprit for gynecological diseases;

    You don’t have to worry anymore!





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