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What is a good organic cotton sanitary napkins?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-10


    Menstruation is a physiological feature that women love and hate in their lives. Most women are disgusted with the feelings that menstruation brings to them: itching, peculiar smell, stomach pain, often like having a disease. And regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, a hot and humid sanitary napkin has to be placed for a few days every month, helpless! This has become accustomed to patience, but the famous brand organic cotton sanitary napkins on the market are like this:


    what to do? How to choose?

    We need organic cotton sanitary napkins like this:

    1. Very thin and light (too light to feel its existence)

    2. Excellent air permeability (no sultry feeling)

    3. Super absorbent (a piece can absorb almost the amount of the entire menstrual period)

    4. The contact skin is very smooth (like the skin of a 16-year-old girl)

    5. It can inhibit bacteria (using the technology of American 3M company, built-in H&C self-cleaning chip, inhibiting mold and inhibiting itching! The function of inhibiting a variety of bacteria has been tested and confirmed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences)


    6. It can decompose peculiar smell (using the technology of American 3M company, built-in H&C self-cleaning chip, experiments show that the strong smell of ammonia can be decomposed within three minutes)

    7. Commit to 100% no fluorescent agent (the problem of fluorescent formulation is currently the safety issue that consumers are most concerned about)

    8. No artificial fragrance is added (you know the truth)

    9. No artificial coloring (you know the truth)


    This kind of sanitary napkin finally appeared!

    ASTER  brand 5th generation soft cotton antibacterial organic cotton sanitary napkins are on the market!

    ASTER  (Open the Best Boon)-Open the most beautiful grace!

    ASTER  organic cotton sanitary napkins are God’s grace to women! ! !





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