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Looking at the sanitary napkin pads

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-10


    In 2017, the bigwigs of the Internet all put forward the concept of new retail, vigorously develop new retail, and stimulate new momentum in the real economy.


    "New retail" refers to the use of online and offline interactive and integrated operation methods to bring the experience and advantages of e-commerce into physical retail, improve shopping experience, improve circulation efficiency, and sell high-quality, high-priced, genuine products to consumers. In order to achieve an innovative retail model of consumption upgrade.


    I recently saw ASTER sanitary napkin pads and learned that in the daily-use fast-moving consumer goods industry, a war is brewing over the Internet to subvert tradition. Sanitary napkin padss are unremarkable or unspeakable products that give off a different color. What is the status quo of these FMCG products and how are they different from traditional FMCG products?


    In an era when offline supermarkets are king, the established empires use the advantages of channels and use obsolete brands to drastically lower the retail prices of terminals. Other brands can only follow the trend and fight price wars without paying attention to product quality.


    Judging from the current material prices, traditional channels, production technology, and labor costs, you want to buy high-quality and assured sanitary napkin padss for less than 1 yuan per piece. It is basically a wishful thinking. As a traditional manufacturing industry, ASTER sanitary napkin padss has established its own Internet sanitary napkin pads brand. Unlike other Internet companies, it has its own factory. The product quality can be firmly controlled in its own hands. Everyone is playing In today's pure cotton concept, if you don't have your own factory, quality is easy to make mistakes.


    When talking about new retail, Lei Jun said: "When I was studying Tongrentang, I found that the most important thing for Tongrentang was its training:'Although the taste is expensive, you will not dare to reduce material resources. Although the processing is complicated, you will not dare to save labor', which means To make products, use the best materials even if they are expensive, and the process is cumbersome and you should not be lazy. In other words, you must be genuine." All materials and production processes used in ASTER sanitary napkin padss are very sophisticated, and considering the humanization of women's health, after 10 years of research and development, the antibacterial function has been designed and a number of invention patents have been obtained. However, product quality has not become their biggest marketing gimmick. In their view, quality is not a gimmick, but the foundation. Use the best materials to carry out rapid iterative production, directly from the factory to the user, reduce circulation links, and sell high-quality, high-quality, genuine products to consumers. An innovative retail model that achieves consumption upgrades. This is the essence of the new retail of fast-moving consumer goods in the Internet age.





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