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How to properly dispose of sanitary napkin raw material after use?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2021-06-02


    1. Discarded sanitary napkin raw materials cannot be recycled, so when throwing away sanitary napkin raw materials, you should choose to put them in a non-recyclable trash can.

    2. Put a trash can of sanitary napkin raw materials at home. Don't throw the sanitary napkin raw materials in the toilet hole, because this will cause the sewer to be blocked and cause unnecessary trouble.


    3. When you run out of sanitary napkin raw materials and are about to replace them, you need to roll up the used sanitary napkin raw materials and wrap them in plastic paper so that they will not open, and you can stick to the trash can for sanitary napkin raw materials. Clean.

    4. If you are in the countryside, you can choose to burn the sanitary napkin raw materials you have already used yourself, so as to avoid being dragged by the dog.


    5. Sanitary napkin raw materials that have been used in a day must be discarded or incinerated on the same day, because they have been left in the toilet for a long time, which will cause more and more bacteria, so you have to discard them once a day instead of a week.

    The above is the method mentioned by the editor of ASTER sanitary napkin raw materials. I hope you can pay attention to hygiene, use sanitary napkin raw materials correctly, and dispose of sanitary napkin raw materials reasonably.






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