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What are the skills for girls to choose sanitary napkins in bulk during the menstrual period?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-10


    Women from their teens to their forties and fifties, we all cannot do without sanitary napkins in bulk. It can be said that sanitary napkins in bulk are an important companion in life for us women, and they are necessities.


    However, there are more and more brands of sanitary napkins in bulk on the market. Various raw materials and various series are all-encompassing, including cotton, net, non-woven and other raw materials. It can be said that dazzled us. Many women simply don't know how to choose sanitary napkins in bulk.


    Then let me give us a little bit of advice:


    First, it does not need to contain fluorescent agent


    Fluorescent agents are not simply differentiated like general chemical components, but accumulate in the human body and produce many harmful effects, which greatly reduce human immunity; Fluorescent agents bind to proteins outside the wound and prevent wound healing; Fluorescent agents can It makes human cells show a tendency to variability, and its toxicity accumulates in the liver or other important organs, which will become a potential carcinogen.


    The second is sanitary napkins in bulk with fluff pulp filling


    The fluff pulp itself is not damaged, but the use of fluff pulp as a filler will cause great damage. Do you know why?


    Many brands of sanitary napkins in bulk use fluff pulp as a filler, fluff pulp is actually the old books, newspapers and bloody gauze in our hospitals that we recycle in our lives, the toilet paper we have used ourselves and sanitary napkins in bulk in the toilet.


    If you say that sanitary napkins in bulk use fluff pulp as a filler, do you think they can be healthy? Can they not be sick? Isn't it?


    Third, the bottom film is not breathable


    If the bottom film of a sanitary napkin, it will not breathe. What will happen to it?


    Let me make an analogy, it's the same as our wound with an airtight wound patch. Not only will our wounds not heal, but the wounds will become suppurative, right? If our sanitary napkins in bulk are not breathable, menstrual blood is always wrapped in it, and the temperature of our human body is especially suitable for the multiplication of bacteria, leading to the onset of inflammation.


    Well, we can not only choose according to the raw materials of sanitary napkins in bulk, but also according to our menstrual blood volume. As we know, sanitary napkins in bulk are divided into daily use and night use. And night use is divided into general and extended, right?


    So, how can we choose the different time periods of the menstrual period?

    I would like to give a little advice. At the beginning or the end of the menstrual period, when the menstrual blood volume is low, you can choose a sanitary napkin or pad with a small amount, because if you feel very hot, you will get a rash, but be careful. Yes, if there is no special requirement, do not use sanitary napkins in bulk containing deodorizing ingredients, because these sanitary napkins in bulk will irritate our reproductive organs. Personally think ASTER sanitary napkins in bulk are still good, you can find out.

    Finally, one thing to mention is that when using sanitary napkins in bulk, it should be based on the amount of menstrual blood. It is best to replace it every 2-3 hours. Don't change it once for a long time because of saving. Avoid, menstrual blood stays on the sanitary napkin for a long time to breed bacteria, produce peculiar smell and cause inflammation.





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