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Some people say that domestic sanitary napkins are all rubbish. What is the basis?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-10


    As a current practitioner in the sanitary products industry, I think that the assertion that ``domestic brands are rubbish'' is very irresponsible. In fact, many major brand sanitary napkin material suppliers are from the same company. Some products of my company It even has been purchasing foreign materials, and the industry standards are jointly formulated by several large companies, so there is basically no question of who is better and who is inferior to the product quality of the top brands. Second, the fluorescent agent is mainly to look whiter. Whether sanitary pad napkins or paper towels, material suppliers are not allowed to use fluorescent agents, and major brands are strict in this regard. Other brands may purchase non-pure wood pulp and use fluorescent agents. Therefore, you generally don't have to worry about fluorescent agents when buying big brands.


    ASTER sanitary pad napkins


    "All domestic brands of sanitary pad napkins are garbage" is unfair. For example, the raw materials of ASTER sanitary pad napkins are purchased through fixed foreign sources, and the quality is guaranteed. In fact, China's sanitary napkin standards are the most stringent in the world, not one of them. What's the matter with fluorescent agent? The absorbent cotton in sanitary pad napkins should be made of long-fiber softwood fluff pulp (fluff pulp), pure fluff pulp does not need to add brighteners. It is only necessary to add bleaching agent and fluorescent whitening agent to eliminate and cover up impurities when using low-quality, recycled paper pulp as absorbent cotton. It is uncertain whether the fluorescent agent added is harmful, but the fluorescent agent must be garbage. The identification is also very simple. You can tell if there is fluorescence by taking a photo with a 365nm small ultraviolet flashlight. What is really scary is that some small brands that are sold through the township and rural channels are not known where they come from, and some are shocking. Some napkins are also the same, especially the napkins made of recycled pulp. For whitening, fluorescent agents are added. The identification method is the same as before.






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