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Will the use of sanitary napkins grade a by young girls damage the virgin touch?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    Will the sanitary napkins grade a grade a damage the virgin membrane?


    Maybe, but maybe not high

    The virgin membrane is very flexible, and there are few blood vessels and nerves. Therefore, a tampon with a diameter of 1.2-2cm is placed without pressure. When it is taken out, the tampon will swell when sucking blood, but the volume of the vagina itself is not unlimited. , So the swelling will not be large, the additional cotton sliver itself is also soft, and the virgin membrane is elastic, so there may be a certain "scratch" feeling when it is taken out, but the pressure is not too big.

    but! ! ! The sliver may also damage the virgin membrane. If the opening is small, the shape of the virgin membrane may be the sieve shape, double-hole shape, etc., as shown in the picture above. The sliver will indeed damage the virgin membrane, so before using it, perhaps it is best to buy it first. Use a small mirror to look at it for yourself, and use it after determining the situation. If you really care about the presence or absence of the virgin membrane, it is not recommended. People have stumbled or missed. If it is broken, it will be too late to regret it.

    If you are still worried, I suggest using sanitary napkins grade a. There are various kinds of negative ion sanitary napkins grade a on the market, and they are not bad to use.


    2. (boys may ask) What if my girlfriend lied to me that the virgin film was gone because he gave the tampon for the first time in the future? Isn't it more defensive than cycling/gymnastics/neighbor Pharaoh?

    Cold dressing

    To answer this question, first of all you have to clarify the definition of "virginity". If it refers to a woman who has had sex, do oral sex, milk sex, gang sex, etc. count? It’s even harder to judge. You can’t look at the corners of your sister’s mouth or whether the sphincter is broken; if it refers to whether there is a virgin membrane or whether there is bleeding in the first night, it is also unreliable, because the virgin membrane is not an anti-counterfeiting product of “virgin” It is a protective measure in order to prevent bacteria from entering and forming infection during the development of a girl. It will degenerate to a certain extent as the development of a woman is completed, and the function of shielding the entrance will gradually weaken. So it’s called this nonsense name does not mean that it is a symbol of virginity. Under the condition of good lubrication and the man is not rough, the sexual behavior will not damage the virgin membrane. The first night blood in our concept is due to the fact that ancient women were older in marriage. The minor development is not complete or the formation of tension and lubrication is not enough. In addition, there is a lack of congenital virgin membrane. Therefore, it is normal that the virgin membrane is broken after more than a dozen times if there is no blood in the first night or after a child is born.






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