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Please be cautious when using cool medicine cloth sanitary napkin

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    In the scorching summer, the cool medical cloth sanitary napkin make many women heart-stirring, but gynecologists have suggested that although medicated cloth sanitary napkin have certain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, they are not suitable for healthy women because they will break the acid-base balance of the private parts and lower the private parts. Its self-immunity makes the private parts more susceptible to bacterial damage.


    Pharmaceutical cloth sanitary napkin have limited effectiveness

    "Our cloth sanitary napkin are specially designed for summer. The cool Chinese herbal formula is not only very comfortable, but also has antibacterial and antibacterial effects." Recently, the reporter found during a visit to a supermarket on Huangpu Avenue that the cool medicated cloth sanitary napkin are very useful. It’s a gimmick for the business's summer promotion.

    Chen Xiaoping, deputy chief physician of the Department of Gynecology, Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that most of the cloth sanitary napkin or pads on the market are soaking Chinese herbal medicines into the cloth sanitary napkin or pads, such as cork, motherwort, and mint. For women suffering from gynecological diseases, it will certainly have a cleaning effect on the private parts of menstruating women, but the effect is limited. Regarding healthy women, the usual use of medicated cloth sanitary napkin will not only fail to protect the body, but will also break the acid-base balance of the private parts, cause dependence on medicated cloth sanitary napkin, reduce the self-immunity effect of the private parts, and become a danger for gynecological diseases.


    In addition to healthy women who should not use medicated cloth sanitary napkin, OBB also recommends that women with allergies should also use medicated cloth sanitary napkin with caution. Because summer moisture accumulates locally, allergies are more likely to occur. In addition, the penetrating power contained in medicated cloth sanitary napkin is very high. Strong Chinese herbal ingredients are often also a major factor in inducing allergies. Therefore, it is best for people with allergies to choose cotton net-surface anion cloth sanitary napkin in summer, which are not only softer and more comfortable, but also less irritating to the skin.

    To prevent odor, change cloth sanitary napkin frequently


    Another reason why many people love medicated cloth sanitary napkin is that the medicinal smell of the fragrance can cover up the peculiar smell that occurs in the private parts. In this regard, Chen Xiaoping pointed out that the menstruation itself has no peculiar smell, and the peculiar smell is caused by various chemical substances in the menstrual blood. A chemical reaction occurs when staying on the sanitary napkin for a long time. Therefore, the key to preventing peculiar smell is not to choose scented cloth sanitary napkin, but to change cloth sanitary napkin diligently.





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