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Women sanitary napkin-Take care of women's health and show the queen's charm

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    The closest thing to a woman’s life is her sweetest burden—heavy menstruation! Big menstruation is coming! Itching? Itching is caused by the reproduction of cotton bacteria? It is caused by the poor air permeability of cotton chemical fiber itself and has a peculiar smell? It is due to the uterus. The smelly dysmenorrhea declared by the residue of the inner membrane shedding? It is due to usual cold or inflammation. Women's long-term use of unqualified women sanitary napkin will breed many gynecological diseases. Women sanitary napkin must accompany every girl for 40 years or even longer. We cannot do without women sanitary napkin, just as we cannot do without love in our lives.


           Most menstrual wipes on the market contain fluff pulp and whitening fluorescent agents. Why do they have? Since fluff pulp is mostly reclaimed waste waste, hospitals are stained with blood and pus cotton, women's used menstrual towels and other waste are added to a lot of formalin, potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate to disinfect and bleach. , The top itself is stained with bacteria, which seriously endangers our reproductive health!

    What is the difference between ASTER women sanitary napkin and ordinary women sanitary napkin?


           According to the reporter’s interview with Mr. HUANG, the general manager of the "ASTER" brand, "ASTER women sanitary napkin do not contain fluff pulp and fluorescent agents, except that the materials are different from those on the market. The most important thing is the magnetic far-infrared anion chip in ASTER women sanitary napkin. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, improves dysmenorrhea, menstrual discomfort, promotes new generation, improves endocrine, strengthens immunity, improves gynecological inflammation, inhibits bacteria, and removes odors. It satisfies the needs of women's reproductive health."


           The occurrence of dysmenorrhea is due to the fact that those residues of the uterine lining fall off and become blood clots difficult to discharge when encountering cold air, blocking your uterine orifice, so the pain will occur when the uterus is shortened. Usually, if we drink more hot water and do more activities, the blood clots will gradually be photographed and your dysmenorrhea will be less painful. This is not painful. If you use normal women sanitary napkin which are not breathable, it will cause more and more pain. But after using ASTER women sanitary napkin for a while, it feels very comfortable. As ASTER women sanitary napkin are more breathable and air ventilated, and ASTER's negative ion far-infrared has the effect of warming the uterus, it can help speed up the discharge of blood clots and effectively relieve dysmenorrhea. The synergistic effect of far-infrared rays increases the temperature of some arrangements, strengthens blood circulation, and relieves coldness, which is conducive to the smooth downward discharge of menstrual blood. There is no pain in the case, and the pain is not clear.

           Therefore, during the menstrual period, women still have to take good care of their bodies. After all, the body is the capital of the revolution. If you can't take good care of yourself, who can you expect to take care of yourself?





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