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How to choose sanitary napkins pants and how to use them correctly

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-16

There are many types of sanitary napkins pants in the market, but not many are really easy to use. Beware of sanitary napkins pants, too. It has been reported that a mother nearly died because of using cheap sanitary napkins pants. Sanitary napkins pants are a good partner for women's friends. Let me teach you how to choose them.


There was a rural woman who had a high fever of 40°C 2 weeks postpartum and was transferred to the emergency department. She was diagnosed with endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and sepsis. She almost died, but the source of infection was found to be substandard sanitary napkins pants. Sanwu products bought from the canteen at the entrance of the village! Therefore, a small sanitary napkin is also a major health-related matter, and it will be fatal if you are not careful, so the following teaches you how to choose anion sanitary napkins pants correctly.

1. Acknowledge three things

Auntie towels also have a shelf life. For this reason, when choosing auntie towels, you must see if there is a manufacturer name, if there is a sanitary napkin manufacturer address, if there is a product with a production sanitary license code, if there is a production date, and you must buy it daily It is necessary to support genuine products.

2. Check it out

Auntie napkin is a personal use item. It is necessary to check the sanitary napkin to see if the workmanship is precise, and to check whether the cotton body of the sanitary napkin contains other harmful substances before daily use, and it is necessary to properly test the hygiene The water absorption of the towel.

3. Adhesion performance

The most worrying aunt’s napkins also include the adhesive, strong adhesive sanitary napkins pants, which can make girls worry-free during menstruation, but some inferior sanitary napkins pants have poor adhesion, which can easily cause the sanitary napkins pants to move around or even fall. The attachment is too strong, after removing it, it is easy to cause unnecessary trouble to the panties.

4. Vigilant fragrance/medicinal smell

Nowadays, many manufacturers on the market will appropriately launch sanitary napkins pants with fragrance or mint refreshing. It is recommended to choose carefully. Whether these are added chemicals or natural ingredients, they will cause unnecessary trouble for girls to understand. This girl chooses carefully, it is recommended to choose tasteless.

5. Length standard

Different girls, different body types, different needs, and requirements on sanitary napkins pants are not the same. It is recommended to choose the sanitary napkin that suits you according to your personal needs, and choose the appropriate style of sanitary napkins pants day and night, so that you can be free during menstruation. Girls, are not afraid of side leakage.


How to use sanitary napkins pants

1. Replace in time: Don't wait until it is soaked and then replaced, it is very wet, and it must be replaced after a period of time, because blood is the best medium for microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc.

If it is not replaced for a long time, it is hygienic There will be more and more microorganisms on the towel, and it will become easier to cause gynecological inflammation. There are two common mistakes in daily life: One is to use a sanitary napkin with strong absorption and good protection function, and it is considered that there is no connection between using the same sanitary napkin for a long time; the other is to forget to replace it when the amount is small.

2. It is best to wash your hands before replacing sanitary napkins pants.

Because the process of unpacking, turning over, smoothing, and posting the sanitary napkin by hand, germs will be brought to the sanitary napkin. The sanitary napkin directly touches the skin of a woman’s vulva, and menstruation is a period when women’s resistance is low, and the cervix is opened, simple bacteria retrograde, a little carelessness will increase the chance of suffering from gynecological diseases.

3. Do not reuse! Don't laugh, there is such a wonderful thing around me.

4. Do not make mistakes in disinfection before using sanitary napkins pants-broadcast some new disinfection methods on the Internet, such as microwave disinfection, high temperature disinfection...

The so-called microwave disinfection is actually to wrap the newly bought sanitary napkins pants in newspapers and put them in. Microwave oven is slightly heated for a few minutes, can this really play a role in sterilization and disinfection? In fact, it is not. Faulty heating may cause deformation and denaturation of the material in the sanitary napkin, leading to new problems; improper heating may also lead to abnormal proliferation of microorganisms in the sanitary napkin; in addition, it is inherent in the daily environment. There is a certain concentration of microorganisms, for example, there are traces of microorganisms on clothes, furniture, and toilet seats. As long as the microorganisms do not exceed the standard, they will generally not cause diseases. As long as the sanitary napkins pants are of qualified quality, the microbial concentration is within a safe scale, and there is no need to disinfect them.

5. Bulk sanitary napkins pants


Do not put it in pockets and handbags together with RMB, keys, etc. It is best to have an independent airtight package. Aster sanitary napkins pants are packaged in a 360-degree vacuum package, which has a fairly good airtightness.

6. Sanitary napkins pants and sanitary pads should not be used from time to time.

Some female friends like to use sanitary pads every day, even when they are not menstruating. They think that this can suck away vaginal secretions, which will be more healthy and hygienic, but it is not. Soft skin needs a very breathable environment, especially in women's private parts. If the part is closed too tightly, it will be damp, humid, and hot for a long time, and it will be particularly easy to multiply germs and cause various health problems. The most ideal product is to use sanitary napkins pants during menstruation, wear cotton underwear during non-menstrual periods, and change them every day, and ensure that you avoid wearing tight, air-tight pants regardless of menstrual periods and non-menstrual periods, and avoid sitting and walking regularly to promote the air in the perineum. Circulation. If you use sanitary pads, don't forget to choose products with good air permeability. The use of tampons will not affect clothing, and it is more convenient for movement and sports, so more European and American women use it.





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