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ASTER teaches you how to use sanitary napkins in pampers correctly

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    It is well known that pads generally have more chemical fiber components and less pure cotton. Sanitary napkins in pamperss that have long-term contact with chemical fibers on the skin and mucous membrane of the female vulva are susceptible to irritation, especially in sultry weather. Wearing tights and airtight environment are easier to cover bacteria, such : Red bumps, itching of the vulva, burning of the vulva. In severe cases, women may also experience local redness, swelling, bleeding, etc., which can cause bacteria to multiply, produce retrograde infection, and induce vaginitis. Therefore, pads cannot be used every day, and even for patients with vaginitis.


    How to choose a sanitary napkins in pampers


    Some good cushions should be carefully selected, which must be suitable for you and your body type. For you with a large flow, you need to buy a cushion with strong absorption and thicker; for a medium flow, use a normal-sized cushion; for a small flow, you can use a light cushion.


    Tips for using sanitary napkins in pampers

         1. The pads should be replaced every 4 hours at most. Don't allow bacteria to accumulate for too long.

         2. Do not use scented pads, because the scent comes from the addition of chemical agents, which irritates the skin and is not good for the local environment.

         3. After urinating, try to wipe off the secretions with a paper towel to reduce the "carrying capacity" of the pad.

         4. Use pure cotton texture pads, the air permeability will be better.

         5. Do not use the pad immediately after bathing, and let the local environment be completely dry. You can use a blower, dry it slowly with cold air, and then stick the pad. Don't let the environment start from being wet.





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