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Sanitary napkin surface material comfort experience ranking list-the importance of fabrics

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    The surface material of the ladies napkins sanitary pads is the layer closest to the female skin, so at the beginning of choosing the ladies napkins sanitary pads processing design, you have to clarify what kind of material is easy to use for the surface layer. What kind of surface material is related to the overall positioning and selling point of your product. So what are the surface fabrics? How to choose? Today, the ASTER ladies napkins sanitary pads manufacturer will introduce some conventional ladies napkins sanitary pads surface materials and their characteristics, hoping to help you.


    Ranked according to the comfort experience of the surface material of the ladies napkins sanitary pads


    No. 1:


    Pure cotton surface: Pure cotton spunlace cloth, refined from 100% cotton through spunlace technology. Features: Good abrasion resistance, soft and skin-friendly, good water absorption performance, but after use, it is very damp.


    Article 2:


    Perforated hot air non-woven fabric: It has good bulkiness, softness and excellent permeability.


    3rd Place:


    Perforated spunbond non-woven fabric: Features: Spunbond non-woven fabric has high strength, good water absorption, dry and comfortable, but easy to fluff. It is used less frequently in the field.


    No. 4:


    Hot-rolled non-woven fabric: After the fibers are carded into a web, the low-melting-point fibers are melted by rollers (under certain high temperature and pressure) to bond them into a web, so there are rolling points on the surface. Features: light, thin and soft.


    No. 5:


    PE perforated film: component polyethylene, PE cast film is sucked through by vacuum to form funnel-shaped holes. In layman's terms, it is made of plastic. Features: fast infiltration rate, low reverse osmosis, and dry surface, but the user is prone to allergies.





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