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Eco friendly period proof underwear, a secret you never know

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-13


    In the happy days, many girls have been restless, and they are in a coma like a sickness. This disease is very beneficial. Although they can't fit physiology, they are weak and sleepy all day long.

    So, how to solve menstrual sleepiness? Don't worry, look down again.

    The first is the diet mix around the menstrual period:

    1. Food collocation should be light-taste barley porridge, yam porridge, etc., which often have a very good effect of removing moisture and strengthening the spleen and stomach. If women feel sleepy during their menstrual period, they can eat some in moderation. You don't need to eat spicy food, greasy feeling, cold and cold items, in order to prevent the increase of body moisture and make you sleepy.

    2. Enhance physical fitness

    If long-term fitness exercises, the human body will get sufficient release of stress, basic metabolic functions will be normal, and the quality of the human body will get better and better. For example, brisk walking, running, etc. can promote the blood circulation system, fill the body's qi and blood, and help to get rid of small problems that always want to sleep.

    3. Sleep quality must be regular


    During menstruation, girls should pay attention to work and rest days. They don’t have to stay up late, and they don’t have to be sleepy. Otherwise, they will increase the burden of the body due to too long sleep. Getting up and going to bed early is the best standard of work and rest time.

    But the side leakage is something that embarrass and helpless girls. How can we take care of the menstrual holiday together, avoid side leakage on the menstrual holiday and get a good night's sleep? ! Many women choose to wear tight underwear during their menstrual period. They feel that this can not only prevent the embarrassment of side leakage, but also relieve abdominal pain at a necessary level. In fact, it is unreasonable. Ladies must choose slightly loose underwear during their menstrual period. It is important to understand that if women often wear tight underwear, especially during menstruation, it is easy to cause menstrual discharge to be blocked, and the pressure in the pelvic and abdominal cavity will suddenly change when undressing, and it is easy to cause menstrual reflux, and eventually menstrual back pain, abdominal pain, and even symptoms Lead to infertility.

    However, the loose underwear will cause the aunt's towel and buttocks to not fit the machine, which is very easy to cause side leakage.

    It doesn't matter!

    ——Sleep God welfare is coming!

    eco friendly period proof underwear, to solve women's menstrual period troubles





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