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How to solve women's concerns about the potential harm of sanitary napkin bag

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2021-06-07


    With the improvement of human living standards, people's health awareness has become stronger and stronger. Nowadays, women have higher and higher requirements for the necessary sanitary napkin bags in life, so the "safety" of sanitary napkin bags is particularly important for women .


    Researchers have yet to fully understand the relationship between toxic shock syndrome and sanitary napkin bags. From 1979 to 1980, toxic shock syndrome frequently appeared, which sounded the alarm for women's health. Researchers have found that some women who use absorbent sanitary napkin bags continue to breed staphylococcal bacteria.


    Since polyester and cellulose sanitary napkin bags disappeared from the market, the incidence of toxic shock has been greatly reduced. There are only 813 cases in 80, including 38 accidental cases. By 1997, there were only 6 reported incidents.


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    Menstrual toxic shock


    Hiratt, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Stanford School of Medicine, said: "Currently, menstrual toxic shock accounts for only half of all toxic shocks. To reduce your chances of shock, use those with absorption capacity that can just meet your flow needs. Types of sanitary napkin bags, change it every once in a while. On the other hand, women should understand the symptoms of toxic shock, but they do not need to worry too much about sanitary napkin bags."


    In addition to sanitary napkin bags, there are many options for menstruation, but those methods are not suitable for everyone. Silicone cups are a very popular choice. Unlike sanitary napkin bags that suck blood, they contain menstrual blood. Moreover, it does not cause paper waste, so it is very popular with environmentalists. Although not as carefully studied as sanitary napkin bags, this "container" for menstruation has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. But theoretically, it, like sanitary napkin bags, may also cause toxic shock. If the silicone cup fits your body, then it will not cause leakage. You might like it.


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    Stop menstrual surges from the source


    Another option is to stop menstrual surges at the source. The birth control pill "Lybrel" (Lybrel) was released on the market in July 2007. This medicine not only has the effect of contraception, but also eradicates menstruation. Hilart said: "From a medical point of view, this drug hasn't been shown to be harmful to women, but it may be a good thing to reduce the menstrual cycle."


    Authentic sanitary napkin bag manufacturers will not act to deceive consumers. In 1999, there was a rumor on the Internet that sanitary napkin bag manufacturers would add asbestos to sanitary napkin bags that would make women bleed more for the purpose of Sell more sanitary napkin bags. However, this rumor is false.


    To choose a sanitary napkin bag with proper absorption


    Teenagers are more likely to misuse sanitary napkin bags. Hirat said: "My advice to teenagers is to change sanitary napkin bags frequently. Some girls dont like to use public toilets, so they wait 8 or 9 hours before changing sanitary napkin bags. This is Not good. sanitary napkin bags must be changed frequently. When sleeping at night, choose sanitary napkin bags with appropriate absorption capacity.





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