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6 tips to choose and use sanitary napkin cloth correctly

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-16

Sanitary napkin cloth are necessities for menstruation, and it can be said that they are "friends" of every woman. It's just that not every woman knows sanitary napkin cloth very well. Some women choose sanitary napkin cloth improperly or use sanitary napkin cloth improperly, which may cause health threats to women's private parts.


How to choose sanitary napkin cloth correctly?


1. Use cotton surface hygiene


Because the cotton surface not only has affinity for the skin, but also has good permeability, and the fiber texture of the dry mesh surface is easy to cause allergies. Therefore, women who are prone to allergies are more suitable to use cotton sanitary napkin cloth. At the same time, sanitary napkin cloth must have a non-re-seepage function, especially for night-use sanitary napkin cloth, the infiltrated menstrual blood is not easily squeezed out, in order to reduce the incidence of chronic pelvic inflammation. Otherwise, use tampons with caution. Before using the tampon, dirty hands will bring germs into the vagina, and the tampon can easily cause damage to the vaginal wall, and long-term contact with menstrual blood will make it difficult to heal.


Second, pick sanitary napkin cloth, pick sanitary quality and guarantee


When choosing sanitary napkin cloth, it is very important to choose a regular brand. In addition, the tightness of the outer packaging, product identification, and production date must be paid attention to. It is recommended that women choose sanitary napkin cloth in small packages when buying sanitary napkin cloth.


Third, choose a good sanitary napkin


Good sanitary napkin cloth are sealed smoothly, non-destructively and without air leakage, no matter whether it is an outer package or a small independent package. If it is recognized from the feel, the heavy and hard sanitary napkin cloth are mixed with other pulp, leftovers, etc. Good sanitary napkin cloth are light and soft, because they are made of fluff pulp with strong absorption and good fluffiness.


How to use sanitary napkin cloth correctly?


1. Change sanitary napkin cloth frequently


There are rich nutrients in menstrual blood, which is easy to become a "medium" for the proliferation of bacteria. Therefore, sanitary napkin cloth must be replaced diligently. Do not use the same sanitary napkin for a long time and forget to replace it when the amount of menstrual blood is low. . It is recommended that sanitary napkin cloth should be changed every two hours.


2. Don't put sanitary napkin cloth in the bathroom for a long time


Usually sanitary napkin cloth are made of non-woven fabrics, which are fibrous materials. After being damp, the materials deteriorate, and bacteria can easily invade the sanitary napkin cloth and multiply. Most of the bathrooms do not see the sun all day long, they are very humid, mold is easy to multiply, and sanitary napkin cloth are easily contaminated. Therefore, the sanitary napkin cloth after unpacking should be placed in a dry and clean environment, and should not be used after being damp.


3. Wash your hands before using sanitary napkin cloth


In the process of disassembling the sanitary napkin, the dirty hands will bring germs to the sanitary napkin. However, menstruation is a period when women's resistance is low, and sanitary napkin cloth will directly touch the skin of women's vulva. If you don't pay attention, women are likely to be infected with gynecological diseases.





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