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Shanghai female university students launched a ladies pads sanitary napkins mutual aid box to oppose

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    Women's menstrual period is actually a very normal thing, but due to the low penetration rate of sex education in China, many women feel shy during menstrual period.


    Recently, mutual aid boxes of ladies pads sanitary napkins appeared outside the 4 bathrooms in the teaching building of East China University of Political Science and Law (Shanghai). The mutual aid box is used by women for emergency use by "taking one piece and putting one piece", and is placed in a conspicuous position to oppose "menstrual shame".


    During the menstrual period, some women forget to bring ladies pads sanitary napkins, and are embarrassed to borrow from others, which can easily cause embarrassment. Therefore, this menstrual support box is still necessary. Check out the comments of netizens:


    Netizen 1: The students of our school explain: 1. Why do the teaching buildings need to provide ladies pads sanitary napkins for mutual assistance: The teaching area and the nearest supermarket and dormitory area are within half an hour's walking distance. If there is a menstruation in the teaching building, no one may be found. It is a waste of time to borrow and go back to the dormitory to buy it in the supermarket; 2. Why not put it in the women's toilet: The students who placed it are to refuse the shame of menstruation, and considering the poor ventilation of the women's toilet, it is more hygienic if there are passages and windows on the opposite side of the sink.


    Netizen 2: A vending machine with ladies pads sanitary napkins and cotton slivers installed directly at the door of the women's toilet is just fine, clean and hygienic. Cotton, reticulated, day and night, cushions, after all, everyone's needs are different.


    Netizen 3: Although I never feel ashamed, but once when I took it out to help my friend in emergency, an unfamiliar boy next to him kept staring at him and didn't avoid it. It made me feel very uncomfortable and wanted to say: look at you*


    Some people may feel that this kind of action is not necessary at all, but you have never experienced secretly carrying ladies pads sanitary napkins to the toilet after class, never tried to buy ladies pads sanitary napkins when you were wrapped in a black plastic bag by the clerk, and never experienced "menstruation". Words were tabooed into various pronouns. They didnt get embarrassed on the stool because of menstruation. They didnt see your fathers male classmates and male colleagues know that you were embarrassed and uncomfortable after menstruation. Where did the standpoint say No need to say it specifically "?


    Therefore, some objective things, such as menstrual periods, are actually unavoidable. Everyone knows that embarrassment does exist. It's just that everyone deliberately avoids this problem. Some problems might as well be solved instead of avoiding it!





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