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Which diana sanitary napkin pads is good for menstrual period? Good personal care is very important!

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    For female friends, menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon that comes every month. During this period, female friends have low body immunity, so they need to pay more attention to personal care. During this period, the choice of diana sanitary napkin pads becomes particularly important. Important, so which sanitary napkin should be used during menstruation? Today, Yari will take everyone to find out.


    Which sanitary napkin is good for menstrual period:


    First of all, the diana sanitary napkin pads on the market today can be divided into many types, such as daily use, monthly use, dryness, cotton, thin silk, and delicate differences, and each sanitary napkin is exquisite and suitable for women. It is also different. It is recommended that female friends learn more about this in their daily life, so that they can better take care of their own health, so that it can bring intimate care to themselves at all times.


    For female friends with sensitive skin, it is best to choose cotton net diana sanitary napkin pads, and pay attention to less use of dry net diana sanitary napkin pads. Why is this? In fact, the reason is very simple, this is because cotton diana sanitary napkin pads are less irritating to the skin. For female friends with insensitive skin and heavy menstrual flow, it is best to choose some dry mesh diana sanitary napkin pads. This is because dry mesh diana sanitary napkin pads absorb quickly, so they are especially suitable when the amount is large. use.


    The cotton mesh surface will be softer and more comfortable. This kind of sanitary napkin is particularly irritating to the skin. In the hot summer, usually, there will be a lot of sweat on the skin, so it is very prone to allergies. When using diana sanitary napkin pads, you must pay attention to frequently changing women with physical allergies. We need to remind everyone that no matter what the situation, you must use caution or it is best not to use scented diana sanitary napkin pads. If you choose medicinal diana sanitary napkin pads It is best to consult the relevant doctors advice when you wear a towel, otherwise it will cause harm to your health.



    In addition, women should pay attention to changing cotton underwear frequently during menstruation. Even if they use sanitary pads, they should choose products with good ventilation. If you find that the lower body has more vaginal discharge, the color is yellow or bloody, and there is a peculiar smell, the best way is not to use a sanitary pad. You should go to the hospital for related examinations as soon as possible.


    Which sanitary napkin is good for menstrual period? The above is the introduction on this issue. In addition to choosing diana sanitary napkin pads that suit you, do not touch cold water during menstruation, do not wash your hair, bath or face with cold water, and girls should pay more attention to rest during menstruation. Too much strenuous exercise, let alone staying up late, etc.


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