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How to use disposable sanitary napkins correctly during menstruation!

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    Disposable sanitary napkins are essential items when women are menstruating, so if they are not used properly during menstruation, they will directly affect women's health. The editor will teach you how to use disposable sanitary napkins correctly during menstruation to keep you away from gynecological diseases.


    1. Women must take good care of their bodies during menstruation, because women’s body immunity will be reduced during those days during menstruation, and if the disposable sanitary napkins are not used properly, the private parts can easily be infected with bacteria. It can even cause troublesome gynecological diseases.

      2. For those who have low menstrual flow during menstruation, they also need to change their disposable sanitary napkins diligently, preferably once every two hours. Because the menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, and the disposable sanitary napkins are located in the private parts and are not breathable, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria in a humid environment, which causes gynecological inflammation and so on.

      3. Be sure to choose disposable sanitary napkins produced by the entire manufacturer, and choose disposable sanitary napkins with dual functions of breathability and absorption. Never choose a sanitary napkin that does not meet the standard, because it will contain substandard materials, and even the absorption performance will be poor, which will increase the chance of private parts infection.


      4. Disposable sanitary napkins are divided into "dry disposable sanitary napkins" and "cotton disposable sanitary napkins". Then two different disposable sanitary napkins must be selected according to their physique. Elegant disposable sanitary napkins want to contact the private parts directly, so choose the sanitary napkin that suits you, and is soft and comfortable for your own use.

      5. When you are traveling, you can choose a dry sanitary napkin with high absorption, because the dry type absorbs quickly and can avoid excessive wetting. Cotton disposable sanitary napkins are suitable for working or resting during menstruation, comfortable, and reduce excessive friction with the skin.


      6. Precautions when changing disposable sanitary napkins, wash your hands before you can put on a clean sanitary napkin. Because the details on the hands are easily attached to the sanitary napkin during the replacement process, when the sanitary napkin is in direct contact with the private part, the bacteria will cause infection or some gynecological diseases in the private part, so cleanliness is the prerequisite.





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