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How often do you change whisper pad sanitary napkin, and what are the precautions!

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    During menstruation, there is another thing that annoys women, which is to constantly change whisper pad sanitary napkin. Especially women who have a lot of menstrual blood each time they come to menstruation, the frequency of changing whisper pad sanitary napkin will be higher.


        How often should whisper pad sanitary napkin be replaced?

        The current era is very different from before. There are many types of whisper pad sanitary napkin. Some whisper pad sanitary napkin have better absorbency and longer whisper pad sanitary napkin. There is no need for women to change whisper pad sanitary napkin frequently, and there is no need to worry about side leakage. Such whisper pad sanitary napkin are convenient for women, but they also have problems. You should know that the air permeability of whisper pad sanitary napkin is relatively poor. Most women go to work when they are sitting. The temperature will increase locally and the environment will be relatively humid. This shows that whether it is health or hygiene, women must change their whisper pad sanitary napkin in a timely manner. It is recommended that women change their whisper pad sanitary napkin every time, and it is more appropriate to keep them every 2 hours, which can reduce the growth of bacteria and is beneficial to health.

        Regarding the use of whisper pad sanitary napkin, there are several points to note

        Menstrual blood will have a fishy smell, which will become heavier when it dries. Some women choose scented whisper pad sanitary napkin to relieve embarrassment. It does not have to be so, others will not smell the fishy smell on the body.


        It is better to use scented whisper pad sanitary napkin sparingly. The added fragrances are not good for the body, especially those with sensitive physique, which are prone to allergic reactions and can cause damage to the skin.

        You should also pay more attention to the placement of whisper pad sanitary napkin. Many women want to save trouble and put whisper pad sanitary napkin directly in the bathroom. Whisper pad sanitary napkin that have not been opened are okay. Unopened whisper pad sanitary napkin will be exposed to bacteria in the bathroom when they are placed on whisper pad sanitary napkin for a long time, and they will come into contact with the body during use, which is likely to cause problems for women.

        For women to store whisper pad sanitary napkin, it is best to prepare a separate box for whisper pad sanitary napkin. After the whisper pad sanitary napkin are sealed, they will not easily produce bacteria and will not cause damage to the body.


        One more thing to note is that whisper pad sanitary napkin also have an expiration date, so don't stock up blindly. If it is overdue, wouldn't it be wasteful. You must store whisper pad sanitary napkin realistically. Don't sell them on discounts and buy them desperately. You think you are saving money, or you may be wasting money.

        When changing whisper pad sanitary napkin, did you pay attention to one detail, that is, wash your hands before changing. Hands are the place we use more frequently every day, and we come into contact with more things, and it is very likely that they will be contaminated with bacteria.





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