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Poor cotton quality sanitary napkins can cause female gynecological diseases, pay attention to the following points!

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    Cotton quality sanitary napkins are closely related to the health of our women, but there are too many poor-quality cotton quality sanitary napkins on the market, especially cotton quality sanitary napkins added with fluorescent agents or other chemicals, which will bring a lot of harm to health and lead to gynecological diseases. , Here is how to distinguish the quality of cotton quality sanitary napkins!


        The first trick: try to choose big names

        The first trick is to choose big brands as much as possible when choosing a brand, because we can’t tell what kind of material the cotton quality sanitary napkins are made of before we buy them home. So if you don’t know anything, try to choose a well-known brand. In addition, when selecting, in addition to paying attention to the sealability of the outer packaging, it is also necessary to check the product label, and try to choose the recently produced product.

        The second measure: touch whether it is fluffy and comfortable

        After buying it home, we can unpack it to see if the internal structure is safe. We put the sanitary napkin on the hand and touch it carefully. A good sanitary napkin should be thin and uniform, clean on the surface, normal in color (not too white or not too dark), and feel very fluffy, light and soft when pinched by hand. If it is black cotton, it will feel hard and uneven.

        The third measure: tear it apart and look inside


        I just said that you can tell whether it is black cotton by hand. If you are not at ease, you can tear the sliver to see the material inside. Good cotton quality sanitary napkins are made of fluff pulp with strong absorption and good fluffiness. The black-hearted cotton quality sanitary napkins are made from trash, scraps, etc., which can be distinguished even after drifting.

        Fourth trick: smell carefully

        When buying cotton quality sanitary napkins, be sure to buy them without flavor, because flavored cotton quality sanitary napkins will not only cause female gynecological diseases, but also help cover up the smell of bleach. When tearing open the sanitary napkin to check whether it is high-quality cotton pulp inside, you can also smell it carefully by the way for the smell of other chemicals.

        Fifth measure: Is it good to test the penetration?


        TV commercials often use a glass of water to test the absorption capacity of cotton quality sanitary napkins. Then, we might as well use this method to distinguish whether cotton quality sanitary napkins are safe. Choose a liquid that is close to the blood concentration and have a temperature of one degree or more than ten milliliters of warm water, and pour it directly on the sanitary napkin. If it is quickly absorbed, it will prove to be a good sanitary napkin, and those black-hearted cotton quality sanitary napkins made of garbage and plastic bags The absorption effect of the towel is very poor.





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