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What women need to pay attention to when choosing reusable sanitary napkin

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    The invention of reusable sanitary napkin solves the physiological problems of women and is a great invention. Now the role of reusable sanitary napkin is constantly being improved, which is a good thing, but reusable sanitary napkin are sometimes unsanitary and cause trouble. Below, the editor will come to understand with everyone.

        The use of sterile reusable sanitary napkin is a guarantee of health during menstruation. Pay attention to the following points:
        Buy reusable sanitary napkin first look at the "hygiene index"

        When women choose reusable sanitary napkin, they must follow the principle of aseptic hygiene, read carefully the production and use instructions of the reusable sanitary napkin they buy, and understand the control of their sanitary indicators for safety and cleanliness. In addition, it is necessary to have a "use qualified" mark, so that such reusable sanitary napkin can be purchased with confidence.
        Be careful about storing reusable sanitary napkin
        reusable sanitary napkin need to be stored in a dry and sterile environment and have a certain expiration date. If the sanitary napkin is damp or stored for too long, it will deteriorate and become contaminated even if it is not opened. The unpacked reusable sanitary napkin should be placed in a dry, clean, and sterile environment. They should not be used after they are damp or expired.

        Be cautious when using pharmaceutical reusable sanitary napkin
        Medicinal reusable sanitary napkin play a certain role in cleaning women's genitals and preventing and treating various gynecological diseases to a large extent. But medicated reusable sanitary napkin are not suitable for everyone, because people's physiques vary greatly, and some people are allergic to certain substances. Therefore, no matter what kind of medical reusable sanitary napkin are used, they should pay attention to their own reactions and feelings. Women with allergies should use reusable sanitary napkin with caution or without medication.





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