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What exactly are menstrual period panties?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-13

    How to use night pants? What are menstrual period panties?
    What exactly are menstrual period panties?
    The menstrual period panties are a combination of the aunt's towel and underwear. The longer and enlarged version of the night pants is more convenient and will not leak. You can just take it off and throw it away when you use it up.
    Night trousers are completely different from traditional sanitary napkins, as long as they are easily worn, they are ok. With the trousers-shaped full-wrap design, there is no leakage rate!!!

    The light waist design keeps away from sultry heat without burden

    The role of menstrual period panties
    Even with the most secure night pants, some girls still worry about side leakage and back leakage, especially the problem of back leakage at night, which affects the quality of sleep of most girls, and even affects the mental state of the next day. But definitely don't worry about the leakage of this menstrual period panties!
    This is because menstrual blood is under the action of gravity and will flow down with the curve of the human groin. However, ordinary flat sanitary napkins on the market are difficult to completely fit the body, and this problem is bound to occur when menstrual blood is left in the gap. When sleeping at night, normal sanitary napkins cannot solve this problem like night pants.
    To solve the problem of leakage, you cannot blindly increase the length of the cotton sheet, and the long cotton sheet reaches the waist, which can easily cause airtightness, stuffiness, reduce comfort, and even cause skin rashes in severe cases. Night pants can handle this problem, allowing you to sleep peacefully until dawn no matter how you change your posture during the night sleep.

    The correct way to wear menstrual period panties
    For night trousers, you only need to take off the trousers and put them on, and you only need to tear off both sides.
    Night pants size
    Night pants and panties are the same, divided into M and L sizes.

    Can putting on menstrual period panties directly solve the problem of internal anxiety?
    It is best not to suggest that it is easy to cause urinary system infection when urinating.
    It is recommended to pay attention to personal hygiene and change night pants frequently during menstruation to avoid inflammation of the urinary system and reproductive system.





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