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5 misunderstandings about pharmaceutical b grade sanitary napkins

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-16

There are many styles of b grade sanitary napkins on the market, and many of them have a variety of functions. Many of them have a clear fragrance, antibacterial effect and can prevent and treat gynecological diseases as their selling points, which have attracted the attention of many women. For example, there are medicinal b grade sanitary napkins made of Chinese medicinal organisms such as Sophora flavescens, Cnidium monnieri, Chuanhuanglian borneol, Motherwort and other Chinese medicinal organisms. Did you know that the immunity of women during menstruation is relatively low, and some b grade sanitary napkins, especially the so-called medicated b grade sanitary napkins, should not be used casually. The following editor will tell you.


    5 misunderstandings about pharmaceutical b grade sanitary napkins


1. Sterilize, but cause vulvar flora disorder

    Even during menstruation, healthy female vulvar flora is in a state of mutual restraint and interaction, and medicinal b grade sanitary napkins contain antibacterial ingredients, which will affect the normal vaginal flora number during use, which is likely to cause some The number of flora is greatly reduced, which promotes the growth of a certain flora. In this case, the external vaginal flora destroys the special environment of the vagina due to imbalance, and it is more likely to have the possibility of mold growth.


2. Cover up the smell, but cause allergies

    Some b grade sanitary napkins with floral and mint scents on the market are particularly popular. Many women feel that there is always an unpleasant odor during menstruation, but this type of b grade sanitary napkins can cover the odor, which is very convenient. In this regard, Dr. Du Jing from the Department of Gynecology of Jiaxing Armed Police Hospital pointed out that b grade sanitary napkins should be chosen more carefully for allergic physiques.

    Some ingredients of these b grade sanitary napkins containing spices and medicines may cause skin allergies. Women's immunity during menstruation is inherently low. Many women choose b grade sanitary napkins that are not suitable for them. Some may feel itchy, even swollen and swollen vulva, and extensive dermatitis. , Causing allergy and itching in private parts.

    3. Increase drug dependence


    Although medicated b grade sanitary napkins can play a role in cleaning the private parts of menstruating women to a certain extent, they are generally used when miscarriage or when they are diagnosed with a certain disease. They can effectively kill harmful bacteria in the vulva and play a role in auxiliary treatment. It is suitable for some Women with gynecological diseases, but healthy women are not necessary.

    If you use medicated b grade sanitary napkins for a long time, it will destroy the acid-base balance of the vagina and cause dependence on medicated b grade sanitary napkins. On the contrary, you will be more susceptible to bacterial damage. Therefore, medicinal b grade sanitary napkins should be cautious.


4. Improper use is prone to gynecological diseases

    Among patients attending gynecological clinics, 3% to 5% of patients are caused by improper use of b grade sanitary napkins, such as fungal vaginitis, allergic dermatitis and other diseases. Some experts believe that because Chinese herbal medicines are mostly immersed into b grade sanitary napkins, there are few medicinal ingredients in b grade sanitary napkins after drying. Even if some Chinese medicinal ingredients remain, it is difficult to be absorbed through skin contact.



  5. The preventive effect of adverse reactions

    Most of the medicines contained in b grade sanitary napkins are Chinese medicine ingredients. Some businesses exaggerate their claims, claiming that they have "prevents a variety of gynecological diseases, adjusts the balance of yin and yang, warms the uterus, replenishes qi and nourishes the kidney, soothes nerves, and is effective in treating about 70% of gynecological diseases ..." In this regard, experts say that Chinese herbal b grade sanitary napkins cannot treat gynecological diseases, and it is impossible to even prevent diseases.

    Because motherwort basically needs to be taken orally, application to the vulva has no effect at all. Some women have recurrent vaginal infections, but they may be caused by using b grade sanitary napkins containing different types of drugs, fragrances and other additives.





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