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Correct use of sanitary napkin korea, are you right to take care of your private parts?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-11


    Many girls often forget to change their sanitary napkin korea when the menstrual flow is low, or think that they have used sanitary napkin korea with strong absorption and good protection function. They think that it is okay to use the same sanitary napkin for a long time; there are rich nutrients in menstrual blood. Sanitary napkin korea are easy to become a "medium" for the growth of bacteria, and it is easy to produce peculiar smell. Therefore, the best solution is to choose products with good air permeability. Sanitary napkin korea must be changed diligently, usually every two hours. Of course, bathe frequently to ensure the cleanliness of the private parts and better avoid odors.


        Minimize the use of sanitary pads

        Some girls are accustomed to using pads for a long time, and think they can make their private parts cleaner. Generally, pads are used two days before and after menstruation, which is more convenient, practical and clean. However, the skin of the genitals is similar to the skin of the lips, and the ideal environment is neither too dry nor too moist. If it is closed too tightly for a long time and moisture accumulates, it is easy to breed germs and cause various health problems. Therefore, it is best not to use sanitary pads under normal circumstances.


        Use less mesh surface, use more cotton mesh surface

        There are many kinds of sanitary napkin korea on the market to choose from. Buying scent-free sanitary napkin korea will also contain less chemical irritants and better avoid allergies in private parts. According to expert advice, the skin of the private parts is very fragile, so it is best to use less dry mesh surface and more cotton mesh surface. Dry mesh surface absorbs quickly, but cotton mesh surface is softer and more comfortable and less irritating to the skin. The soft cotton mesh surface can quickly divert menstrual blood while reducing friction on the skin and alleviate allergies.






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