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Teach you to see through the

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-12


    degradable sanitary napkin are personal products for women, so how can I make sure that the degradable sanitary napkin I buy are healthy? For the dazzling array of brands on the market, which one is the most reliable? Let's take a look together below.

        Many manufacturers have made a big fuss on the characteristics of their sanitary napkin products. Such as "green", "three-dimensional protective enclosure", "slim", "silk thin", "dazzling color" and so on, there are endless new and exclusive concepts. You can understand the "nouns" on degradable sanitary napkin. When you buy Isn't it "fudged"?


        Various parts and performance of degradable sanitary napkin

        Wings: the product of the gradual evolution of the sanitary napkin in the development process. Two wing-like extensions emerge from both sides of the sanitary napkin body, which can play the role of fixing the sanitary napkin and help prevent menstrual blood from side leakage.

        Fan-shaped tail: The fan-shaped structure derived from the end of the sanitary napkin to both sides can effectively prevent back leakage.


        Breathability: It can allow gaseous water molecules to pass smoothly, so as to achieve the effect of timely exhausting moisture, effectively reducing the role of the sanitary napkin and the body, effectively reducing the humidity and sultry between the sanitary napkin and the body, and maintaining Feel dry and fresh.

        Close-fitting: The arc design makes the sanitary napkin close to the body and feels more secure.

        Anti-side leakage ability: When the two sides of the crotch are compressed and the sanitary napkin is compressed to half of the original, there is still no side leakage on both sides of the sanitary napkin; any concave anti-folding line can prevent the sanitary napkin from wrinkling and reduce Opportunity for side leakage.






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