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The difference between the application of female underwear with menstrual pads and maternal toilet paper

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-13

    Childbirth is a personal experience that most women want. As the saying goes, having a baby is equivalent to leaving the bridge for a while. Even in the current situation of more advanced diagnosis and treatment, female production should be highly valued. Things that should be prepared well in advance. There are always many taboos during pregnancy when pregnant women are pregnant, until they are near the production and manufacturing, and when they go to the hospital for treatment, there are also many common problems that must be paid attention to by the pregnant woman and her relatives. Many pregnant women understand that in hospitals for childbirth, it is necessary to prepare many handkerchiefs for pregnant women in advance. Why is it? So what is a handkerchief paper for pregnant women? What is this used for?

    First, people come to briefly understand what is a toilet paper for pregnant women. Handkerchiefs for pregnant women are different from sanitary napkins for parturients. The pregnant aunt towels for pregnant women are worn on the hands. The key is to avoid unclean things such as postpartum lochia after giving birth.


    So what are female underwear with menstrual pads? Editors first come to popularize it
    The use of special female underwear with menstrual pads during the puerperium is more conducive to the health of the mother and reduces the chance of infection during the puerperium. The body of the postpartum parturient is relatively weak, the resistance is not good, and the postpartum skin is highly sensitive, improper care may cause infection. The selection of puerperium special sanitary napkins with comfortable materials and free of fluorescent agents and impurities can effectively reduce the chances of postpartum allergies, itching and injury and infection!





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