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Check out the common misunderstandings of always sanitary towels that we ignore!

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-12

Do you know the common misunderstandings of always sanitary towels? always sanitary towels are not unfamiliar to women. They can be regarded as "partners" that our female friends cannot ignore. Every month aunt's visit needs always sanitary towels to take care of. Although women are familiar with always sanitary towels, there are still some daily misunderstandings that you don't know. Let's take a look at the common misunderstandings of always sanitary towels that we ignore with the editor.


1. Like to use medicines or fragrances.

    This does not meet medical requirements. Because the fragrance components cannot represent cleanliness. Pharmaceutical always sanitary towels should be used with caution. Medicinal always sanitary towels may be effective in cleaning women's genitals to a certain extent and in preventing and treating various gynecological diseases, but they are not suitable for everyone. Because * is very different, some people will be allergic to certain drugs and experience genital itching. Therefore, women with allergies are advised to use always sanitary towels with caution or without medication.

2. Love to buy new products, gifts, and promotional items.


    Usually gifts and promotional items may be unsalable products handled by merchants, and product quality is difficult to guarantee. At the same time, when choosing new products, female friends should choose products from well-known and reputable manufacturers as much as possible, and avoid blindly pursuing novelty, let alone catching up with fashion.

3.Third, like always sanitary towelss with large absorption capacity.

    Many women like to use always sanitary towelss with large absorption capacity for convenience. In fact, this practice is not recommended. If the always sanitary towelss are not replaced for a long time, local ventilation will be poor, causing bacteria to multiply, and it is easy to induce various gynecological diseases!






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