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The difference between the application of disposable menstrual panties and maternal toilet paper

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-13


    The three models should be distinguished. Under normal circumstances, there are three types of female underwear with menstrual pads for lying-in women, large, medium and small, and the three types are mainly for three different periods of lochia. Don't choose models and specifications based on intuition or body type. Choose according to the time period. Under normal circumstances, 2-3 days after childbirth is the most lochia period, you can choose to stack the medium size on the large size, and only replace the medium size when changing; 4-8 days after childbirth, the color of the lochia will fade, you can choose Medium-sized sanitary napkins are used in conjunction with puerperium-opening underwear; more than 3 weeks after childbirth, the lochia basically becomes like normal vaginal discharge. You can directly choose small-sized sanitary napkins and disposable menstrual panties for use.


    The special handkerchief paper for pregnant women can provide assistance during the whole production period of pregnant women. This kind of toilet paper can very well assist women in dealing with the cleaning up of postpartum lochia. Putting it on a hospital bed can prevent the bed from getting dirty. This is a clean and sterile handkerchief after the solution has been resolved. It is a necessary tool for women's hospitalization and childbirth.

    Then, people come to actually understand the main use of toilet paper for pregnant women. In all the hospitalization and processing of pregnant women, many areas must use this type of paper. For example, at the time of giving birth, it will take many hours, and frequent labor pains will make pregnant women willing to pee, but it must not be, this kind of handkerchief paper has the effect at this time. The other one is to help pregnant women who have a planing to get pregnant, to remove the dirty things that flow out of the belly during the planing. It can be seen that in this situation, it is a very complicated problem to have no handkerchief paper for pregnant women.

    In addition, pregnant women must also use special toilet paper for pregnant women during the internal examination. In the whole process of the internal examination, it is very easy for the dormitory bed to be dirty due to the separation and blood discharge, so it is necessary to lay female underwear with menstrual pads under the human body.


    When the nursing staff helped to solve the wound, there was a sanitary pad to prevent the dormitory bed from being wetted by alcohol and other liquids. In addition, some pregnant women may break the amniotic fluid first during pregnancy. At this time, there is a special paper for pregnant women next to them, which can prevent the embarrassment of being helpless.

    In general, disposable menstrual panties for pregnant women and special toilet paper should be prepared in advance for pregnant women. This kind of convenient toilet paper is used after delivery. It can not only prevent the dormitory bed from getting dirty, but also clean up postpartum lochia or other unclean things. .





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