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Which one is better for sanitary napkins or bamboo tampon organic?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-12


    Maybe many women hate the coming of the menstrual period. It is not only accompanied by pain, but also bleeding, which brings a lot of inconvenience to daily life. Chinese women basically use sanitary napkins during this period, but they don’t. It is troublesome when they are young, but foreign women rarely have this trouble. This is because most of them use bamboo tampon organics. Different lifestyles also lead to different choices in this area. Both have their own differences. Advantages, let’s compare them today to help you learn more.


    Comfort level comparison

    Maybe many women feel that they will affect their usual exercise when using sanitary napkins. If it is in winter, it is more comfortable, but at other times, especially in summer, the thick layer may make people feel uncomfortable due to the sultry weather. In the summer, the use of bamboo tampon organics can prevent overheating of the private parts, prevent sweating, and make people feel more comfortable. However, using sanitary napkins in winter is relatively comfortable, so you can choose different uses at different times. Things.

    Comparison of hygiene

    In contrast, the bamboo tampon organics are more hygienic. The bamboo tampon organics are built into our body and will not come in contact with the bacteria in the outside air during use, which can better avoid some bacterial infection problems. The degree is slightly better. When sanitary napkins are in use, they may be in direct contact with the external environment, and sometimes some bacterial infections will inevitably occur. Therefore, women who are worried about this can choose bamboo tampon organics.


    Use difficulty comparison

    The use of sanitary napkins is very simple. It may be that many men know how to use it, but the use of bamboo tampon organics is much more troublesome and requires certain skills. Especially some women who have just come into contact with bamboo tampon organics may not Adapt, but the situation should gradually improve after regular use.

    Comparison on carrying

    The bamboo tampon organics are more convenient to carry. They are all individually packaged, relatively small, and because they are built-in when going to the toilet and bathing, they do not need to be replaced. The packaging of the sanitary napkins is relatively large. I often feel embarrassed when buying sanitary napkins for my girlfriends. I think if you change to a less conspicuous small-package bamboo tampon organics, it might make them more comfortable.


    Sports comparison

    Even during menstruation, we can’t guarantee that we don’t need to exercise anymore. Even in daily life, some women who use sanitary napkins may find it inconvenient to walk around and jogging, and worry that sometimes there may be errors and omissions. And the bamboo tampon organic basically won't have side leakage. Its very good confidentiality fit characteristics, so we basically don't have to worry about this.

    Use time comparison

    There are often women who use sanitary napkins, and they worry about side leakage due to excessive amounts or cannot be completely absorbed when they sleep at night. The bamboo tampon organic can last for 2-4 hours, and people who use it basically don’t have to worry about the above. It will happen.

    Through the comparison between sanitary napkins and bamboo tampon organics above, everyone should understand the respective advantages between the two. Which one is more suitable for you? You can choose according to their characteristics, or you can both Buy it and try it and see which one is more comfortable and convenient to use.





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