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Does it hurt if the auto tampon adult is inserted into the lower part?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-12

    Auto tampon adult have many advantages, but why are so many people afraid to use them? First of all, because China is a feudal idea, we feel that tampons will pierce the hymen. Last time we said that tampons will not pierce the hymen. The hymen is not a closed film, but a fold with a caliber. The tampon can pass easily without causing harm, but why so many people dare not try it. The second reason is that everyone feels that the auto tampon adult will be painful and foreign body sensation when inserted, so I dare not use it today. Let me tell you whether the auto tampon adult has a foreign body sensation. First of all, let's understand the built-in position of the tampon. The auto tampon adult has a catheter to help it advance, so it is the time to push it.
    The place where the tampon is placed is inside, and the catheter needs to be inserted in, and then push the tampon. If the tampon is incorrectly pushed, there will be a foreign body sensation, and the correct position will not feel at all.

    There are also people who worry that the tampon is a plastic tube, how can it be inserted? Will it hurt? In fact, it won’t. In the early days, the tampon did not have a catheter. Only the tampon was pushed directly. Because the cotton is directly absorbed when it encounters menstrual blood, it will be very dry when it enters, and it will be painful. Nowadays, catheters are used. The catheter is a medical plastic catheter. Very smooth, smoother when there is menstrual blood, just push it in, there will be no pain at all, the first time you use a tampon, we recommend using a tampon with a catheter, it is easier to use, and it will not Hurt yourself. At this time, someone said: I just use a catheter, why can't I get in?
    The reason for not plugging in may be that your Y channel is too dry. Normally, we recommend not to use tampons before the menstrual blood comes. If the menstrual period is the first day and there is not a lot of menstrual blood, it will be dry and difficult to enter. It is recommended that girls who use it for the first time can wait until the second day of their menstrual period to use it. A certain amount of menstrual blood will go in better, and they can also try to use lubricants, but lubricants are normally not needed. It is recommended to use a small or ordinary tampon when using it for the first time to avoid hurting yourself if it is not used for the first time. However, if the amount is small, replace it in time. Normally, replace it within 3-4 hours. I don’t know how to master it when I use it for the first time. The frequency of replacement, the tampon should not be replaced more than 8 hours, and a small pad can be added just in case, as long as it is replaced in time, there will be no side leakage.

    There are many types of tampons. Although they are not divided into day and night use, the model corresponds to your flow rate. In the days with heavy menstrual blood, use ordinary, large or oversized tampons. When it is less, use a small amount and sleep. The amount can be large or super large at a time. Flow comparison of general sliver models: general sliver models are divided into small amount L (light), ordinary R (Regular), large amount S (Super), super large S+ (Super Plus), corresponding to the length of the sanitary napkin equivalent to 180mm, 230mm , 280mm, 430mm. If you are proficient, you can choose the model according to your own situation. However, to avoid these situations, many people still say that they still can’t be inserted. That’s because girls who just start using slivers are generally more nervous. When they are tense, their muscles will tighten. If the sliver is clamped tighter, they will feel more difficulty. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a deep breath when inserting or removing the tampon, try to relax and not be nervous, believe that the majority of women are using it, and there will be no problem with your own use, don't be afraid!
    We have used sanitary napkins for so many years, we must know that the sanitary napkins have not been changed for a long time, and it is sultry and itchy. This is when menstrual blood comes into contact with air and bacteria start to grow. The built-in tampon absorbs menstrual blood directly, and menstrual blood does not combine with air It will be so easy to breed bacteria.

    The production process of tampons in foreign countries is basically a sterile workshop, which is automated, not inviting foreigners. I really think that the sanitary conditions abroad are much better.

    Whether you buy a tampon or a sanitary napkin, look for the right brand, look for the official website or flagship store, don't be greedy for cheap, try it if you want to use it, the tampon can give you a more comfortable menstrual period, use the menstrual period It’s not so irritable anymore. It moves freely and unrestrained. The most important thing is that it will not be poisoned and it is safe. The probability of poisoning through the Internet is very small. As long as you pay attention to hygiene and replacement time during use, do not replace it for too long. There is no problem at all.





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