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Several questions about newbies' first try on organic tampons private label

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-12

What is a organic tampons private label? Is the sliver easy to use? Are organic tampons private labels better than sanitary napkins? ......Why do we still use sanitary napkins because women in Europe and the United States use organic tampons private labels in a popular fashion? Are we out? Looking at the organic tampons private label underneath, are you tempted?


1. What is a organic tampons private label?

The organic tampons private label is abbreviated as organic tampons private label. The cylindrical organic tampons private label is a care product for menstrual menstruation to absorb the blood. There are two types of slivers on the market: catheter type and finger-in type. The catheter-type sliver is easy to insert with a catheter, and the finger-in-type sliver needs to be inserted with a finger sleeve.

2. Is the organic tampons easy to use?


First of all, the organic tampons private label adopts the built-in type, which can play a good role in preventing side leakage of menstruation. There is no sultry feeling in summer, and the dress is lighter, easy to carry, and safer and sanitary to use.

3. Will the lint of the organic tampons stay in the body?

The slivers are professionally developed and designed, and they are made of 100% pure cotton, so the cotton lint is rarely left in the body. The net-like surface of the organic tampons private label layer is covered on pure white cotton and will not fall off. Even if a very small amount of flocculent hair remains in the vagina, it will be discharged quickly because the vagina has a self-cleaning effect. Flocculent hairs will be excreted from the body along with cervical mucus, vaginal secretions, and a small amount of endometrial secretions.

4. Will the use of organic tampons private label harm the hymen?

It is completely usable. Most women in Europe and the United States start to use slivers at the age of 14. Because there is a natural opening in the middle of the hymen, it is not completely closed. During the first menstrual period, menstrual blood needs to flow out through the opening. The diameter of the opening is much larger than that of the organic tampons private label, so the organic tampons private label can easily pass through the opening of the hymen. Use the right method, there will be no rupture of the hymen.

5. How long does it take for the organic tampons to be replaced?

First of all, the sliver is placed in the body and should not be replaced in the body for less than 8 hours, otherwise it will have an impact on your health. The organic tampons private label is usually replaced every 3 to 6 hours, or there is a lot of menstrual blood during menstruation and the absorption of the organic tampons private label exceeds the range. You can also choose to replace it at this time. Of course, you can choose your own sliver, and choose the sliver number according to the quantity.

6. Can organic tampons private labels be used at night?

You can use a cotton sliver when you sleep, but you need to replace it with a new one before going to bed, because the use of the cotton sliver can't exceed 8 hours, so remember to get a new one when you get up.


7. Will it hurt to use cotton organic tampons?

The slivers are all cylindrical and are completely painless. First read the instructions when using it. Relax your body when using it. If you feel pain, it may be due to the wrong method of use. The reasons are too fast, too tight, and vaginal dryness.

8. Will the vagina become loose after using the organic tampons private label?

The sliver has a medium size, and the size of each sliver is different, and the amount of menstrual blood absorbed is also different. So choose the right organic tampons private label to use, which is more comfortable and safer.





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