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No worries about the use of tampons organic cotton

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-12

    Many women in Europe and the United States choose tampons organic cotton when they come to "period". Because the tampons are light and convenient, they are built-in, and they are cool and breathable to use, and there is no sultry feeling. Are tampons really better than sanitary napkins? Many domestic women choose to abandon sanitary napkins after using tampons organic cotton. What attracted them to choose tampons from the end?
    Using tampons organic cotton organic cotton can help you bring the following benefits

    Summer will not be sultry

    Before using sanitary napkins, most women felt that they would feel stuffy when wearing panties, especially in the hot summer. The tampon is tampon-shaped, small in size, insertable, and easy to use. You can't feel anything sticking to the pp when you put on the pants, and you will never feel sultry anymore.
    Get rid of odor during menstruation

    When the "period" visited, the menstrual blood was excreted from the body. Before the odor occurs, the tampon has absorbed the menstrual blood. Using the tampon can not only keep the private parts dry and comfortable, but also avoid the peculiar smell of menstrual blood when it comes into contact with the air.

    Not afraid of menstrual flow, prevent side leakage

    One disadvantage of using sanitary napkins is that there is no way to solve the problem of side leakage. As the saying goes, "Paper can't keep fire", let alone sanitary napkins, so the tampon prevents side leakage and prevents "period" from attacking. The sliver has different absorption capacity, so choose the sliver with large absorption for large menstrual volume to prevent side leakage more thoroughly.
    Easy to carry sliver

    The sliver is small and can be thrown into your bag with you. Take it with you when the "period" visits, so that you can travel happily when the "period" comes, and solve the troubles caused by the "period".





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