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Knowledge about the use of panties period women

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-12

Parturients, do not use ordinary panties period women after delivery

For the parturient, the physiological changes that occur after delivery are more complicated than the menstrual period: within 2-4 weeks after the fetus is delivered, the parturient needs to deal with a lot of lochia; the perineum will feel pain and swelling after delivery. Will feel more pain.

1、Postpartum mothers should choose special panties period women for mothers.


2、Two reasons why women need special panties period women:

   1. The use of special panties period women is a need for comfort: minimize maternal pain

After delivery, the vulva of the parturient woman usually has wounds. Ordinary panties period women are designed for ordinary women and are made of general synthetic fibers. Due to the chemical composition, there are many impurities, they are easy to fluff, have a large friction coefficient, are easy to fall off, and are easy to generate static electricity. It is easy to stimulate the sensitive wounds of the parturient and increase the pain of the parturient. The survey found that about a week after delivery, 50% to 80% of women are prone to depression. An important cause of depression is that the postpartum wounds are too painful. During this period, in addition to coping with lochia that lasts for 2 to 4 weeks, women also have to take care of the baby. Hormonal changes in the body and panic during childbirth make the mother's physical and psychological instability. High-quality special panties period women can minimize the pain of mothers and give fragile postpartum mothers the most personal comfort.


  2. The use of special panties period women is a need for health: effectively avoiding maternal infections

Ordinary panties period women are made of chemical fibers and contain adhesives, fluorescent whitening agents and other chemical ingredients. They are not suitable for women with highly sensitive skin, and are prone to irritation and cause maternal infections; ordinary panties period women are generally absorbent, easy to side leakage and backflow , Unable to cope with a large number of postpartum lochia; during use, the surface of the sanitary napkin is humid and hot, which not only makes the mother feel wet and sticky, but also contains nutrients suitable for the rapid growth of bacteria, which is useful for the healing of the mother’s wounds. Extremely unfavorable. Many panties period women increase the thickness of the laminate in order to improve the waterproof performance, but the waterproof performance is too high, and the breathability and moisture permeability are poor, which can easily cause skin irritation, cause rash, red itching and other problems. It is very unsuitable for postpartum. Women use. It is particularly worth noting that many brands of panties period women are not specially disinfected and cannot meet the hygienic standards of a completely sterile state. For pregnant women in a sensitive period, there is obviously a safety hazard.

  It can be seen that new mothers after childbirth, when choosing panties period women that are practical after childbirth, must not be taken lightly and use panties period women casually!






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