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What is the role of eco friendly period proof underwear?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-16


    The combination of eco friendly period proof underwear and panties is a longer and enlarged panty sanitary napkin, which is more convenient and will not leak. It can be taken off and thrown away when it is used up, which is very convenient.


      eco friendly period proof underwear are completely different from traditional eco friendly period proof underwear, as long as you wear them easily, the super long absorbent body of 48.5cm, with the trousers all-enclosed design, makes the leakage rate reach zero!


       The light waist design keeps away from sultry heat and no burden! The cute little pink lace design makes the mood beautiful at night with a lot of volume.


       Even if they choose the longest sanitary napkin, some girls still worry about side leakage and back leakage, especially the problem of back leakage at night, which affects the quality of sleep of most girls, and even affects the mental state of the next day.


       This is because menstrual blood will flow down with the curve of the human groin under the action of gravity. The ordinary flat eco friendly period proof underwear on the market are difficult to completely fit the body, and the menstrual blood stays in the gap, which will inevitably cause leakage! This problem is unavoidable when sleeping at night.


       And blindly increasing the length of the sanitary napkin, although it can solve the problem of back leakage to a certain extent, it does not fundamentally solve the problem of side leakage. Moreover, the long cotton piece reaches the waist, which is very easy to cause airtightness and stuffiness, which greatly reduces the comfort level, and in serious cases can cause skin allergies.


       eco friendly period proof underwear completely surround the buttocks. The ultra-long absorber of 48.5cm can properly fill in the dead spots of absorption that are easy to leak at night. The absorption amount is even 1.6 times that of Sophie 410, which fundamentally solves the leakage problem.


       No matter how you change your posture during the night sleep, you can feel at ease until dawn.





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