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How to choose period underwear vegan?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-17


    Take apart the period underwear vegan


    1. Non-woven surface. The inner and outer surface layers of the diaper are composed of non-woven fabric and PE film. The inner and outer surface layers of non-woven fabric wrap the middle absorbent core layer, like a sandwich. The air permeability of period underwear vegan has a great relationship with the quality of the two layers of non-woven fabrics.


    2. Absorb the core layer. The absorbent core layer is the core part of the diaper, which is related to the water absorption performance of the diaper. According to the staff, the absorbent core is not cotton, but high-fiber pine pulp and water-absorbing beads made of high-molecular polymers. Pulp comes from trees. The raw material before production is pulp board, which is mixed with high molecular polymer to form the absorbent core layer during the production process.


    3. Protection against side leakage. There are two side leakage guards on the edge of the inner side of the diaper, which are made by adding elastic elastic bands to the non-woven fabric. Choose a diaper with a leak-proof design to prevent the girl's excrement from leaking out. At the same time, pay attention to whether the leg guards are too tight and make the girl uncomfortable. As the girl grows up and the amount of activity increases, the leak-proof design becomes more important. If the diaper design is unreasonable, leakage and side leakage during activities are likely to occur.


    4. Velcro. The period underwear vegan are fixed on the girl by these two pieces of Velcro. There are two main types. One is a plastic sticker, which sticks firmly but easily sticks to the girl's skin. The other is a Velcro made of cloth, which is softer, easy to tear, and has a relatively low firmness.


    5. Elastic waist circumference. The elastic waist design can fit the changes of the girl's waist and abdomen before and after exercise or eating, allowing the girl to move freely.


    Pick a diaper to master four points


    Choose period underwear vegan that have good dryness, water retention and no seepage, light and thin air permeability, and tailored fit. When choosing, you should pay attention to four points:


    1. Choose strong water absorption and good dryness. Only by quickly absorbing the girl’s excreta can the skin be kept dry, otherwise it is easy to get rashes and skin allergies and rashes.


    2. Choose the one that locks the water and does not seep back. To ensure that the girl's skin surface is dry, in addition to fast absorption, it is also required that the period underwear vegan can lock water and not seep back, otherwise the girl's delicate skin is easily irritated by urine.


    3. Choose thin and light with good air permeability. If the period underwear vegan have poor air permeability, they will "cover" the girl's skin, and the internal heat will not easily radiate, causing problems such as red bottoms.


    4. Choose the right size and cut to fit. According to the girl's age and weight, choose the appropriate size of period underwear vegan to make the best of the period underwear vegan.





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