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Are medicinal sanitary napkins good?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-17

Nowadays, bamboo period underwear are in various formats, with medicines, non-medicated ones, etc. Which one should a woman choose? Let's talk about it in detail below. Medicinal bamboo period underwear have certain benefits, but they are not suitable for all women


   There are a variety of medicated bamboo period underwear on the market, and different medicinal ingredients such as motherwort, sophora flavescens, cranberry, houttuynia cordata, and mint are added according to their different effects. Deputy Chief Physician Shi Yun said that the ingredients added to medicated bamboo period underwear are different. Generally speaking, they can kill bacteria and relieve itching. At the same time, the cooling sensation of medicated bamboo period underwear can bring comfort to women in hot or humid weather. Feel. However, medicinal bamboo period underwear have their applicable people, which are not suitable for everyone. Medicinal bamboo period underwear are indeed beneficial to the menstrual care of women with inflammation, because it can play a role in cleaning the female genitals and assisting in the treatment of gynecological diseases to a certain extent. However, because people have different physiques, it is not recommended for women who have cold physiques and are afraid of the cold. In addition, women suffering from genital inflammation should also pay attention to the pharmaceutical ingredients written on the package when choosing bamboo period underwear, and choose drugs that are effective for auto-inflammation for symptomatic treatment.


  Medicated bamboo period underwear are not medicines and cannot really play a therapeutic role


  Pharmaceutical bamboo period underwear all claim to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-itch and other health care and even therapeutic effects. However, can bamboo period underwear containing Chinese medicine be used during menstruation to achieve health care and even curative effects?


   Deputy Chief Physician Shi Yun told us that adding traditional Chinese medicine to bamboo period underwear or sanitary pads will not have a direct effect on treating gynecological diseases. "The treatment of gynecological diseases mainly relies on drugs, and the use of medicated bamboo period underwear during menstruation alone cannot achieve the therapeutic effect." Deputy Director Shi Yun pointed out that medicated bamboo period underwear can only play a health care role in auxiliary treatment. She gave an example. If a patient with vaginitis has vaginal itching during menstruation, but cannot be treated with vaginal plugs or vaginal douches due to menstruation, the use of medicated bamboo period underwear may temporarily relieve itching and soothing, and then perform regular treatment after menstruation. treatment.


  Pharmaceutical bamboo period underwear, three online rumors cracked one by one


   Rumor 1: Reduced menstrual flow after using mint bamboo period underwear is a sign of coldness in the palace.


   “The addition of mint in bamboo period underwear should not be directly related to palace cold. Deputy Chief Physician Shi Yun pointed out that under normal circumstances, there are many reasons for women's palace cold. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that palace cold is related to personal physique and cold evil intrusion. The cause of menstrual decrease should be actively sought.


The so-called cold in the uterus refers to women with insufficient kidney yang, uterine loss of warmth and lower abdomen distended, pain, fever is alleviated, leucorrhea is cleared, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, tongue coating is thin, white and more fluid, and pulse is tight For the main symptom. "The decrease in menstrual flow may not be completely related to the cold of the palace. From the perspective of western medicine, the decrease in menstrual flow may be related to endocrine disorders. There are many reasons for endocrine disorders, the main reasons are life factors and emotional factors; from the perspective of Chinese medicine It seems that decreased menstrual flow is related to spleen and kidney deficiency, insufficient qi and blood, blood stasis, and phlegm dampness. If women experience decreased menstrual flow, the cause should be checked in time, adjustments or treatments should be made as soon as possible, and special attention should be paid to decreased ovarian function." Shi Yunfu The chief physician said.


   Rumor 2: The most important thing for women during menstruation is to keep warm. Using a sanitary napkin with a refreshing sensation added with mint will affect the body.


   "In general, women need to pay attention to keeping warm during menstruation, especially women with cold pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation. Nevertheless, menstrual warmth varies from person to person and cannot be generalized." Shi Yun pointed out.


   Warmth during menstrual period needs to be based on physical fitness and the need for dialectics. Different women have different physiques. Some women have colder physiques, while others are hotter, so you can't keep warm blindly.


For bamboo period underwear with a cool feeling during menstruation, the cool feeling it brings is a comfortable experience for some users. Experiments have proved that peppermint extract has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and promote transdermal absorption. Look at the consumer's own indications. Some people said that “it’s very comfortable when it’s cold,” while others feel that it’s too cold to bear. This has something to do with physique and disease. Women who are born with a cold body and tend to get cold limbs, it is best not to use this type of bamboo period underwear, and they should also pay attention to avoid catching cold in daily life.



Rumor 3: Peppermint is a pungent drug, and contact with the mint ingredients added on bamboo period underwear can cause cold in the palace.


   "Generally speaking, the addition of mint to bamboo period underwear is not harmful to the body, and there is no inevitable relationship between mint and Gong Han." Said Deputy Chief Physician Shi Yun.


"Although peppermint is a pungent and cool medicine, the amount of peppermint in bamboo period underwear is not too much. When it comes into contact with the skin for a short time, it will only act on the transdermal absorption of the skin surface and will not have much impact on human internal organs. , Will not harm the body’s yang and cause cold in the palace.” Deputy Chief Physician Shi Yun said with a smile: “If external use of mint-containing bamboo period underwear can cause cold in the palace, then the consumption of mint is more likely to cause cold in the palace. Facts This is just an exaggeration."


   However, Deputy Chief Physician Shi Yun reminded that although bamboo period underwear containing mint will not cause cold in the palace, no matter what kind of bamboo period underwear are used, you must pay attention to your own reactions and feelings. Women who are usually afraid of cold should use it with caution. If they feel unwell during use, they should stop using it immediately.




   1. What are the precautions for women to buy bamboo period underwear?


   Deputy Chief Physician Shi Yun said that the purchase of bamboo period underwear mainly starts from two aspects. First, the products of well-known brands produced by formal enterprises sold in large and medium-sized shopping malls and supermarkets are preferred. Bamboo period underwear must be used by young women every month, and bamboo period underwear directly touch women’s private parts. Therefore, the quality of bamboo period underwear is very important. Using poor quality bamboo period underwear may cause vaginal inflammation; second, choose soft-textured bamboo period underwear. sanitary napkin. In addition to causing discomfort to women with harder bamboo period underwear, the friction between the sanitary napkin and the skin of the genitals can also cause inflammation of the vulva.


  2. How to choose pharmaceutical bamboo period underwear?


   Deputy Chief Physician Shi Yun believes that when using medicated bamboo period underwear, we must first pay attention to the ingredients of the medicines on the package, and choose medicines that are effective for auto-inflammation to treat symptoms. At the same time, you should choose according to your physical condition-women who belong to cold, yin-deficiency physique, have symptoms of chills in the genitals, or women who feel uncomfortable after use, there is no need to use the sanitary napkin. In addition, when the weather is hot in summer, it is a good choice to use bamboo period underwear with a cool feeling, but when the weather is cold in winter, you can choose bamboo period underwear that generally do not have a cool feeling.


   Dont believe in internet rumors, choose bamboo period underwear in a scientific way. For more information about bamboo period underwear, please log on to China Daily Paper.





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