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Identify inferior period underwear for sleeping , experts help you

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-17

So, in the face of a wide variety of period underwear for sleeping, how should female friends choose? I did a small survey among female friends around me. Most female friends would choose to buy period underwear for sleeping of big brands, and then look at the price. In their view, the sanitary quality of major brands of period underwear for sleeping is relatively safe. Experts remind that to choose period underwear for sleeping with guaranteed sanitary quality, the first choice is a regular brand. When choosing, in addition to paying attention to the sealability of the outer packaging to avoid contamination, you must also check the product label and try to choose the recently produced product. In addition, it is best to choose Period underwear for sleeping in small packages.


  According to experts, the sealing of each outer package and individual small package of a good sanitary napkin is smooth, non-destructive, no air leakage, clean surface, uniform thickness. In addition, female friends can also recognize from the feel. Good period underwear for sleeping are made of fluff pulp with strong absorption and good fluffiness, so they are light and soft. If the period underwear for sleeping are mixed with other paper pulp, leftovers, etc., they are heavy and hard.


   In addition, experts remind that cotton surface period underwear for sleeping are more suitable for women who are prone to allergies. The cotton surface has more affinity for the skin and has good permeability; and the fiber texture of the dry mesh surface is likely to cause allergies. Experts point out that the non-re-infiltrating function is very important, especially for night-use period underwear for sleeping. The infiltrated menstrual blood is not easily squeezed out, which can reduce the occurrence of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. In addition, tampons should be used with caution. Before the tampon is used, the dirty hands will bring the germs into the vagina; the tampon can easily cause damage to the vaginal wall, and long-term contact with menstrual blood makes it difficult to heal.



   Decrypt the truth behind common questions about DIY period underwear for sleeping


   Decrypt the truth behind common questions about DIY period underwear for sleeping


  Experts pointed out that to identify the quality of period underwear for sleeping, in addition to choosing carefully before buying, you can also do a test on the period underwear for sleeping you have purchased. In fact, some female netizens have also tested the total absorption of the period underwear for sleeping they bought. Experts pointed out that when DIY testing the quality of period underwear for sleeping, netizens often have 3 operations:



1, can I use ordinary cold water to test period underwear for sleeping?


   When netizens test period underwear for sleeping, they almost always use ordinary cold water to simulate menstrual surges.


Truth: In fact, this is not scientific, because the ratio of water to blood temperature is not the same, menstrual blood usually contains endometrial tissue fragments, prostaglandins and a large amount of plasmin from the endometrium, so in this test , The simulated menstrual blood is used, which is as close to the blood concentration as possible, and at the same time has a certain temperature.



2, is it scientific to test the total absorption of period underwear for sleeping?


  Almost all netizens who have tested period underwear for sleeping will check the total absorption. When they tested the absorption, they poured dozens of milliliters of water on the period underwear for sleeping.


   The truth: The average female's menstrual volume during the entire menstrual period is about 30-50 ml, and more than 80 ml is due to menorrhagia. Menstrual cramps are the most in the first 2 to 3 days, and the amount of menstruation decreases rapidly thereafter. Even if the amount is large, it is only about 3 ml during a surge. Generally, women will change sanitary napkin products after experiencing 3 or less surges. Therefore, 4 surges (12ml of menstrual blood) is a very extreme situation for women to use period underwear for sleeping normally. Experts also recommend changing period underwear for sleeping every 2 hours when menstruation is heavy. Therefore, it is meaningless to test the liquid absorption capacity of more than 12 ml.


Summary: There are many varieties of period underwear for sleeping on the market. According to the smell, they can be divided into non-scented and scented types. According to the surface texture, they can be divided into cotton soft type and mesh surface type. According to the function, they can be divided into medicinal type and ordinary type. Or the length is divided, the type is more. However, due to the uneven strength of the manufacturers, the sanitary napkin market is also a mixed bag, with high-quality and insecure products coexisting. According to experts, if the period underwear for sleeping are not up to standard, it can cause gynecological diseases. According to the World Health Organization survey statistics: 50% of patients with gynecological diseases in the world have used unclean period underwear for sleeping.





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