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Best period underwear VS toilet paper to deal with lochia with peace of mind

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-17


    Many new mothers will have this problem. How to deal with postpartum lochia, is it better to use Best period underwear or toilet paper? Below, the editor will help you analyze it, so that mothers-to-be have a better mind when choosing.


    1. Special Best period underwear for postpartum should be used on days with high lochia flow


    Within 6 to 12 hours after giving birth to a baby, there is not much bleeding when resting in bed. However, once you get up and move around, you may feel heavy bleeding again. At this time, you, a new mother, may be shocked by the amount of blood you shed! At the same time, some mothers may notice that the amount of bleeding will increase after each feeding, because the child's sucking will also Causes your uterus to contract, which allows more blood to flow out of the body. At this time, it is best for mothers to choose Best period underwear.


    After giving birth to a baby, especially after undergoing a lateral incision, the mother's vulva usually has a wound. At this time, if you use ordinary fiber fabric Best period underwear, because of the chemical composition, there are many impurities, and it is easy to fluff, which is easy to stimulate the mother's wounds, and it will increase the mother's discomfort and pain and aggravate the gynecological infection. Therefore, when choosing Best period underwear, it is best for mothers to choose better-quality Best period underwear for postpartum purposes instead of ordinary Best period underwear.


    How to choose special Best period underwear for postpartum


    Mothers will have a lot of postpartum lochia within a week after giving birth. During this time, mothers can choose Best period underwear that deal with large flows. Postpartum Best period underwear are specially designed for mothers after childbirth. They are generally longer than ordinary Best period underwear, about 48 cm long. The part in contact with the skin is usually made of pure cotton special fiber non-woven fabric. The fabric is pure, soft and comfortable, and most importantly, it is non-irritating to wounds and sensitive parts. Good special Best period underwear are super absorbent, quickly absorb and lock water at the same time. So there is no side leakage and no backflow. Postpartum Best period underwear are the most suitable for mothers to use. You don’t have to worry about soiling the bed at night, so you can sleep more peacefully. When choosing a special sanitary napkin, the most important point is to choose a sanitary napkin with strong breathability.


    How many special Best period underwear should be prepared


    Editor's suggestion: When mothers choose special Best period underwear, they should decide according to their personal bodies. Special Best period underwear are usually divided into three models, and the three models must be prepared according to needs. When you are admitted to the hospital, you usually prepare 2 large bags, 2 medium bags, and 3 small bags, and then you will need to determine according to your mother's flow. Buy at any time to avoid waste.


    2. Postpartum toilet paper can be used on days with low lochia flow


    After the second week, the mother's bleeding volume will gradually decrease, and the color will gradually change from bright red to pinkish, and it will become thinner and thinner, and then it will become brown in the second to third weeks. At this time, mothers can consider using toilet paper. Best period underwear are more breathable than toilet paper. There are special postpartum toilet paper for mothers and babies on the market. Both mothers and babies can use it together. Ordinary toilet paper is also possible, but in order to protect the health of the private parts, it is best to choose the quality. Better postpartum toilet paper. When the lochia is about to disappear, it is also a good choice to use ordinary light-weight cushions.


    When choosing toilet paper, choose better quality paper, which should be soft, resistant to folding, and strong in tearing. It is very simple to use, just fold the toilet paper on the underwear, provided that it is changed frequently.


    Editor's Suggestion: For health and comfort, it is best to prepare a clean cotton for wiping lochia. During the discharge of postpartum lochia, special attention should be paid to cleanliness and Best period underwear should be changed frequently to prevent bacterial growth. It is wise to prepare a few boxes of sterile cleaning cotton or purified water cleaning cotton for yourself in advance. The first time after childbirth, special Best period underwear should be put on after childbirth. Every time you go to the toilet, wipe it from front to back with a disinfectant cleaning cotton. Taking into account the sanitary issues, wash your hands before handling, and the disinfection-type cleaning cotton should be used once and replaced once. If the amount of lochia becomes almost the same as the amount in the late menstrual period, you can use a general cleaning cotton to treat it.





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