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Teach you how to choose safe and suitable thinx period underwear

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2021-09-07


    When menstruation comes, many women worry about choosing suitable thinx period underwears. Now, we have the following methods to teach you how to choose the thinx period underwear that suits you. Female friends come and take a look.

    Teach you how to choose safe and suitable thinx period underwears


       1. Basic knowledge of thinx period underwears


      (1) What exactly are thinx period underwears made of?


       Thinx period underwears are composed of fiber (fast absorption rate and capacity), polyester fiber and nylon (to keep the surface dry). Because it is composed of porous and low-density polyethylene, it can quickly penetrate the inner layer of menstrual blood while keeping the contact surface dry. And it has a soft texture and good absorption. It can absorb water tens to hundreds of times its own weight, and the menstrual blood is hidden inside the towel body after absorption.


      (2) What kind of thinx period underwear is good?


      A. The most ideal cotton surface layer has high air permeability and is not easy to cause allergies, while the general fiber mesh surface is more likely to cause allergies.


      B. Strong absorbing ability, it can lead menstrual blood into the towel, and the ability to store blood is high, reducing the chance of leakage to both sides due to the lack of time to absorb it.


    C. High anti-leakage ability: When the lower sides of the crotch are compressed and the thinx period underwear is compressed into half of the original in the middle, there is still no side leakage on both sides of the thinx period underwear; any thinx period underwear with concave anti-folding pressure line can prevent the thinx period underwear Wrinkles reduce the chance of side leakage.


      D. Strong pasting efficiency: By the bottom of the pasting effect, the position is fixed on the underwear to prevent shifting, and thinx period underwears with wings are not easy to shift.


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    Teach you how to choose safe and suitable thinx period underwears


      (3) Purchase and use of thinx period underwears:


      Women during menstruation have the most vulnerable skin in sensitive areas. The survey shows that 73% of women experience local itching and burning pain during menstruation. This is mostly caused by the use of non-breathable thinx period underwears. Therefore, in order to make special days more comfortable, it is very important to choose the right thinx period underwears.


       I remember that in August 2001, 15 women in a southwestern province complained that they were infected with fungus when using thinx period underwears. This caused an uproar throughout the country. As a result, the country has paid unprecedented attention to this widely used feminine hygiene product. Furthermore, a large-scale inspection of the quality of thinx period underwears has been launched nationwide, which has improved the product quality of thinx period underwears. At the same time, some heinous incidents were discovered:


    "Black Heart Thinx period underwears": A thinx period underwear made from scrapped medical cotton gauze and other pulverized processing was discovered in a northwestern province in October 2001. The surface of this thinx period underwear is dark and slightly gray, and it is pulled out of the thinx period underwear. There are faint blood scabs on the discarded medical cotton and rotten gauze. With a little effort, dusty broken cotton wool flew up in the air, which was shocking.


    "Secondary thinx period underwears": In December 2001, some scavengers in a city in southwestern China collected used thinx period underwears and sent them to criminals who specially purchased such thinx period underwears. The criminals first took dirty thinx period underwears. Pour it into a sink for rinsing, and then use sulfur to dry and bleach. After these procedures are completed, they repackage them with counterfeit packaging prepared in advance, and then directly send these thinx period underwears to some wholesale markets and small shops in some residential communities for sale. Some women have symptoms that are difficult to talk about after using it, and some even lead to suspicion between husband and wife, and a crisis in the family.



    Teach you how to choose safe and suitable thinx period underwears


       Thinx period underwears are generally composed of three parts: a surface layer, an absorbent layer and a bottom layer. The materials and functions of these three parts are mainly considered when selecting them.


       (1) The surface layer should choose a dry mesh funnel type: the surface layer is dry and can protect the local skin from damp; the funnel type design is better than the barrel design, and the liquid that penetrates is not easy to return.


    (2) The middle layer should be breathable and contain a high-efficiency gel layer: thinx period underwears with a high-efficiency gel layer can condense the infiltrated liquid into a jelly-like shape, and will not seep back after pressure, and the surface is not sticky a feeling of.


    (3) The bottom layer is preferably made of breathable materials: it can allow gaseous water molecules to pass through smoothly, so as to achieve the effect of timely exhausting moisture, effectively reducing the role of thinx period underwears and the body to exhaust moisture, effectively reducing The dampness and sultry heat between the thinx period underwear and the body keeps the feeling of dryness and freshness.


       2. How to choose a safe and suitable thinx period underwear


      The national quality department has the following requirements:


       There is little error in length, width and weight.


       Good absorption performance.


       Good permeability, including fast infiltration, narrow infiltration width and no reverse osmosis.


       The pH is neutral and alkaline, so there is no discomfort on the skin.


       There is no trace of adhesive peeling off, no shift, no damage to underwear.


       is soft to the touch, white and fine in texture, without rigidity.


       The two ends of the towel body are sealed without damage.



    Generally, manufacturers of thinx period underwears have several types of products: according to length, they are divided into daily use, night use, and extended; according to surface texture, they are divided into dry mesh and cotton mesh; according to function, they are divided into ordinary thinx period underwears and medical health care. Towels and so on, so that the majority of female friends can buy their favorite types according to their menstrual volume and the feeling they like on the skin. But healthy female friends are best not to use medicated thinx period underwears, because it will destroy women’s own immune capabilities. As for the place of purchase, choose a larger supermarket or shopping mall. At least there are bills that can be kept, so as not to find it when there is a problem. Besides, most people choose big brands that have advertised, so I feel more at ease.


    Regarding the use of thinx period underwears, I believe that most female friends can learn the correct way to use it from the instructions. It is worth pointing out that most of the thinx period underwears used in the country are non-degradable polyethylene. The total number of thinx period underwears used by friends is very large. At present, the thinx period underwears are mainly handled by burying. In order to protect our homes, we should do some trivial things, such as putting waste thinx period underwears into special garbage. Bags, do not mix with others; try to use separate packaging, which can save materials and processes, that is, save resources.





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