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Eight taboos when using cotton period panties

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-17

The human body is delicate and meticulous, and the menstrual cycle is a unique expression of women's growth process, which makes women happy, but also brings some troubles. The menstrual cycle occupies one-half of a woman’s life, or two to three thousand days and nights. According to Chinese medicine, menstruation is the weakest time for women. Without comprehensive protection measures, it is very likely. It hurts women's vitality and affects their health. Therefore, it is particularly important to correct the common mistakes of menstrual cycle partners. So what can go wrong when we use cotton period panties?

   Common mistakes in using cotton period panties

1. Do not wash your hands before using cotton period panties.

   The process of unpacking, opening, smoothing, and pasting the sanitary napkin by hand will bring a large number of germs to the sanitary napkin.


2. Put cotton period panties in the bathroom.

   Most of the restrooms in our country are dark guards. There is no sunlight all day long and they are so humid. It is easy to breed mold and contaminate cotton period panties.


3, does not look at the expiration date.

   It is convenient to buy many packs of cotton period panties at once. In fact, cotton period panties have very strict hygiene requirements. The closer to the production date, the better the quality.


4. Purchase promotional products.

   Generally speaking, promotional products and gifts are often unsalable products sold by merchants. For example, the materials used will be more economical, the testing will be more relaxed, the inventory time will be longer, etc., which makes it difficult to guarantee the quality of the products.


5. Be the manufacturer's "new product experimenter".

  New brands, new varieties, new fabrics, new concepts are flying all over the sky, coupled with promotions, often lead to impulsive consumption. For example, the popular dry mesh surface, many people with allergies will experience redness, swelling and itching after use. Reliable manufacturers, reliable stores, good reputation, and own personal experience are still the most basic common sense for purchasing cotton period panties.


6. Cotton period panties with medicine or fragrance.

   Most doctors do not approve of use. Drugs or fragrance ingredients may have an adverse effect on the body.


7. Insufficient replacement of cotton period panties.

  The amount of cotton period panties used by Chinese women during each menstrual period is significantly less than that of European, American and Japanese women. It is not advisable to pay the price of health for saving.



8. Blindly pursue a large absorption capacity.


  The practice of being lazy to replace is very wrong, leading to the growth of bacteria.

It is very important to pay attention to the hygiene of the menstrual period, especially for women with weaker resistance. If you do not pay attention to the nursing, it may cause various discomforts. But some friends think that cotton period panties must be more hygienic, but this is not the case. So should women use medicated cotton period panties? How to choose cotton period panties?

   Healthy women are best to use ordinary cotton period panties

  Many medical cotton period panties on the market now have antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-itching effects, relieve dysmenorrhea, relieve discomfort, and balance vaginal pH. Women suffering from gynecological diseases may use this type of cotton period panties to a certain extent to play a role in cleaning the private parts, but it should be noted that it does not sterilize. For healthy women, there is no need. If you always use medicated cotton period panties, it will break the acid-base balance of the private parts, cause dependence on medicated cotton period panties, reduce the self-immunity and cleansing effect of private parts, and become more vulnerable to bacteria.

  For women with sensitive physique, medication cotton period panties should be used with caution, because they may cause skin allergies and symptoms such as itching in private parts. People with sensitive skin should choose soft and comfortable cotton cotton period panties with little skin irritation.

In addition to using less medicine cotton period panties, it is also important to wash your hands before using cotton period panties, otherwise it is very easy to cause private parts infection. In addition, many women are accustomed to putting cotton period panties in the bathroom, but they do not know that bacteria are more likely to invade cotton period panties when they are damp. The cotton period panties after unpacking should be placed in a dry and clean place, and do not use them after they are damp.

   Other women saw the cotton period panties sold by the merchants at a discount or launched a gift campaign, and bought them in large quantities. In fact, these are likely to be unsold products handled by merchants. Cotton period panties are stored for too long, even if they are not opened, they will be contaminated. Therefore, when buying cotton period panties, don't be greedy for cheap, don't buy too much at a time, let alone store them for too long.






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