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Six points to use period panties 5layers correctly

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-17

According to statistics, a woman will use about 15,000 period panties 5layers in her lifetime. Just imagine, if a woman chooses bad period panties 5layers every month, and the use skills and habits are not suitable, then how can we prevent gynecological diseases? How to achieve health care during menstruation? How can I protect my health?


   Therefore, if you want menstrual health care to be effective, you must first choose the right period panties 5layers

1. Pay attention to the expiry date of period panties 5layers

       According to a study: Every gram of menstrual blood contains 108-9 microorganisms, but generally speaking, it is not harmful to the human body. Therefore, many brands of period panties 5layers are not specifically disinfected, as long as they meet the national requirements: no pathogenic bacteria, and the number of microorganisms is within a certain range, it will not harm our health.

       In fact, period panties 5layers have very strict hygiene requirements, and the closer to the production date, the better the quality. Period panties 5layers are sterilized by using high-temperature disinfection methods. After all, the validity period of one-time disinfection and sterilization is limited. If the period panties 5layers are stored for too long, they will deteriorate and contaminate even if they are not opened. . Therefore, when using period panties 5layers, try to choose products from credible manufacturers in large shopping malls, and carefully check the sanitary license number, anti-counterfeiting mark, and shelf life on the outer packaging. Don't buy too much at one time, let alone keep it in the family for a long time.


2, use drugs or scented period panties 5layers with caution

       Fragrance ingredients do not represent cleanliness. Medicinal period panties 5layers should be used with caution. Medicinal period panties 5layers may play a role in cleaning women’s genitals and preventing and treating various gynecological diseases to a certain extent, but they are not suitable for everyone, because people’s physiques vary greatly, and some people Exposure to certain substances will cause allergies, but genital itching will occur. Therefore, no matter what kind of medicated period panties 5layers are used, they must pay attention to their own reactions and feelings. Women with allergies should use period panties 5layers with caution or without medication.


  3. Be cautious when buying promotional items and gifts

  Don't be greedy for cheap. Generally speaking, promotional items and gifts may be unsalable products handled by merchants, and product quality is difficult to guarantee. It has also been reported before that a well-known brand of period panties 5layers is made of low-quality cotton, not to mention that it is a gift product sold at a low price.

Next, everyone must learn to use period panties 5layers correctly


4. Wash your hands before using period panties 5layers

       Women’s private parts are very sensitive, so hygiene must be adequate. We must know that there are many bacteria and germs in our hands every second, and the process of unpacking, opening, smoothing, and pasting the sanitary napkin will bring the germs to the sanitary napkin. The sanitary napkin directly touches the female vulva skin and the menstrual period is a period when women's resistance is low. A little carelessness can easily cause infection or cause gynecological diseases.


  5. Change period panties 5layers frequently to reduce itching

       Due to the structure, design and original materials of the period panties 5layers, even period panties 5layers of qualified quality cannot be used to prevent infections caused by the special physiological structures of the anus, urethra and vagina. Change period panties 5layers frequently, usually for four or five hours. When the flow is heavy, it is best to change it every 2 to 3 hours to ensure the hygiene of the private parts and reduce the itching caused by heat and humidity.


   6. No need to put period panties 5layers in the bathroom

   Period panties 5layers are easily deteriorated after being damp, causing bacteria to invade and multiply. Even if they are not opened, they will be contaminated. Therefore, they need to be stored in a dry and sterile environment. From this point of view, a moist and dark bathroom is obviously not suitable for storing period panties 5layers. It is best to have a small drawer dedicated to storing such sanitary products, which is separated from other items.





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