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Put your organic cotton period panties in order to be really hygienic

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-18


    This article is written specifically for girls, about our growth process. There is something that women must use in their lives, called organic cotton period panties. Do you know its principle and pros and cons?

    The wide variety of these necessities on the market will only confuse our eyes, but cannot guarantee our use. Take a look at this "Knowledge Article" written specifically for you to help you adjust what you want during your menstrual period.

    Write to girls!! One thing you must know!


    It has been eleven years since the first visit by a good friend. Over the years, I have used many brands of organic cotton period panties, whether it is cotton or dry mesh, now I finally find what I love. But over the years, I have exchanged some ideas about the must-use Xiao Dongdong every month. Here I will share with you:

    First of all, let me talk about how the organic cotton period panties come from and how to store them. After introducing this, we will tell the children how to choose organic cotton period panties and distinguish the authenticity.

    Solve the first problem first:

    Usually organic cotton period panties are composed of the following parts. Dry mesh/cotton surface (or non-woven fabric)-1; absorbent cotton/absorbent-2; plastic film-3; adhesive

    Generally speaking, our common organic cotton period panties are composed of the above-mentioned parts.

    The first layer: There are two kinds of towel surface, dry mesh surface and cotton surface, to choose from. Personally, I am using a dry mesh surface, because I am afraid of the sticky feeling.

    The role of the second layer of absorbent cotton or absorbent body is to absorb liquid. After comparative observation, it is found that the absorbent body's ability to absorb liquid is amazing, and it can be absorbed quickly and become water-absorbent beads. The first 2 layers will be pressed together to form a whole.

    As for the third layer of plastic film, it is to provide protection and avoid leakage. The fourth layer is adhesive, which is made up of tapes of different sizes and quantities, and its function is to fix the position and avoid movement.


    A regular sanitary napkin manufacturer, in the process of making and processing, the machine will reach a very high temperature. At this temperature, the sanitary napkin will be sterilized once, and then immediately enter the packaging bag to be sealed and stored, and the intermediate absorption part is kept If it is dry, please keep it after you buy it home to avoid moisture.

    The production of organic cotton period panties will definitely go through a high-temperature sterilization process, but not every sterilization method has a limited period, so there will be a sanitary napkin's shelf life. It is recommended that all the sisters buy organic cotton period panties with a relatively large brand, so that the quality can be guaranteed. After the expiration date, organic cotton period panties will still breed bacteria, so many gynecologists strongly recommend that girls pay attention to the production time when buying organic cotton period panties.

    And if you open its packaging, it is equivalent to destroying its aseptic environment, and this sterilized product is actually very fragile. Once you open the large packaging, there is a chance of contamination. It is recommended that sisters who like large packages can find a sealed bag for better storage.


    In addition, girls are strongly warned: the bathroom is definitely not a place to store toilet paper and organic cotton period panties. Although we all like to put toilet paper in the bathroom, it is actually wrong. Organic cotton period panties are also sterilized by high temperature, but the sanitary paper doesn't even seem to be sterilized. It means that it’s just clean and hygienic. It’s okay to wipe your buttocks at ordinary times. Girls use it during menstruation...

    I advise you to open a small bag and put it somewhere else, and don't put it in the toilet where the bacteria are overgrown, so as to avoid the organic cotton period panties from getting damp and having other bad effects.

    In the final analysis, organic cotton period panties are delicate things. Several principles are guaranteed: First, carefully distinguish the authenticity. No matter how good the copycat organic cotton period panties are, it can be seen in the details; second, don’t buy expired ones, which are not good for your own health; third, don’t store them in a dark corner, of course it’s more. Don't put it in the bathroom, the reason will not be repeated.





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