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Clean and healthy: the correct use of leak proof menstrual panties

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-18

1. During menstruation, the use time of each sanitary napkin should not exceed 2 hours. Wash your hands before using leak proof menstrual panties. Try not to use sanitary pads when you don't need to use them.


   2. Once opened, leak proof menstrual panties are easy to cause pollution.

Therefore, from a hygiene perspective, it is advisable to buy individually packaged leak proof menstrual panties. If economic factors are to be considered, leak proof menstrual panties without independent packaging but with a small number of pieces per pack can be purchased. Leak proof menstrual panties are made of fibrous materials, which are susceptible to moisture and deterioration. After unpacking, they should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. They should not be placed in damp and sunless places such as toilets to prevent moisture from invading bacteria.



3. Leak proof menstrual panties have very strict hygiene requirements.

The closer they are to the production date, the better the quality. If stored for too long, even if they are not unpacked, they will deteriorate and contaminate. Therefore, you must pay attention to the date of use when using, and do not buy too much at a time. .



4. Try not to choose promotional items and gifts.

Such products may be unsalable products handled by merchants, and the quality is difficult to guarantee; do not choose scented products, scent does not represent cleanliness, and may cause allergies; do not pursue large absorption Products, because they need to be replaced frequently during use, products with large absorption capacity can easily breed bacteria and cause diseases due to inadequate replacement.



5. Choose leak proof menstrual panties that suit you.

According to your physique, choose regular products from regular manufacturers, and buy them immediately. Generally speaking, cotton-faced leak proof menstrual panties have fast absorption speed, and the mesh face has good anti-reverse seepage performance. Appropriate medicated leak proof menstrual panties have health care functions. However, dry mesh is not suitable for everyone. Many people will experience redness, swelling and itching after using it. Therefore, women with allergies should use it with caution. Medicinal leak proof menstrual panties are not suitable for everyone. Women with allergies or a history of dermatitis should use them with caution.


    In addition, when choosing female cleaning products, you can also refer to the above suggestions, which are equally applicable.





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