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Pay attention to distinguishing the pros and cons of period panties menstrual

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-18


    Shopping experts especially remind female compatriots to pay attention to distinguishing the pros and cons of period panties menstrual when buying large quantities.


    1. The packaging of qualified period panties menstrual should have the sanitary license number, production date, shelf life or validity period, implemented standard number, producer name and address, etc., especially to see the production date and shelf life, and try to choose the newly produced sanitary towel. The sealing of the outer packaging of period panties menstrual and the small independent packaging should be smooth and free of air leakage.


       2. Under normal circumstances, supermarket promotional products (with yellow labels) are not included in the list of discounts and must be clearly distinguished. It is best to ask the shopping guide carefully before buying.


      3. The use period of general period panties menstrual is two years or three years, and it is not easy to expire. However, consumers who stock up should pay attention to the environment where period panties menstrual are placed must be ventilated and dry, and remember not to place them in a dark, humid place or in direct sunlight.





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